Integrating Europe’s Muslims

2015-01-28 03:10
He came from Algeria seeking a better life, anticipating an escape from poverty, oppression, and hopelessness. In Paris, he found a low-skill job and had children and grandchildren. As French citizens...

In the eye of the storm

2015-01-28 03:08
More than a week has passed since the Houthis escalated their takeover of Yemen by besieging and then forcing their way into the presidential palace in Sanaa. It was a symbolic conquest because the mi...

Remembering the ‘reformer’

2015-01-28 03:06
Filipinos across Saudi Arabia and their families back home owe a debt of gratitude to King Abdullah for his benevolence and compassion for migrant workers. It was with a grieving heart that the Filipi...

Shifting sands of Lankan politics

2015-01-28 03:05
The first foreign envoy to call on the new Sri Lankan President, Maithripala Sirisena, within hours of his Jan. 9 victory over Mahinda Rajpaksa, was India’s High Commissioner in Colombo Yashwant Sinha...

Springtime in Athens

2015-01-28 03:02
Demis Roussos picked a bad time to die. The Egyptian-born Greek singer, once immensely popular across much of Europe, passed away on Monday — a day when a great many Greeks, celebrating a watershed us...

Visionary leaders

2015-01-27 03:04
ARABS and Muslims are very saddened by the death of King Abdullah. His death came at a critical time for the Middle East. Over the last few years the region has gone through multiple changes. Given th...

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