Phenomenon of suicide attacks

2015-05-30 03:00
It must be admitted that the idea of suicide bombings is intimidating in itself. It contradicts our human nature and instincts of self-preservation. Suicide bombings do not take place in battlefields;...

Europe’s refugee problem

2015-05-30 03:00
Earlier this spring, I drove to a beautiful spot on the southern bank of Lake Geneva. My destination was the Hotel Royale in Évian-les-Bains. It was there, in July 1938, that 32 nations met for a sham...

Between a rock and a hard place

2015-05-30 03:00
This week, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani launched a stinging attack on critics of his administration’s foreign policy and reminded everyone that politics was all about choice.“This government has ch...

The price of disunity

2015-05-30 03:00
Last June, the Iraqi Army was unable to defend Mosul from the onslaught of the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS). The Iraqi armed forces withdrew from the city in the wake of the IS attack and left it...

Accountability for killer robots

2015-05-30 03:00
What would happen if countries took a step beyond remote-controlled drones and used weapons that targeted and killed people on their own, without any human intervention? Who would be responsible if on...

Rohingyas and global obligations

2015-05-29 03:00
We fishermen have a code, an Indonesian fisherman by the name of Ridwan told Al-Jazeera. “At sea you are all brothers and sisters. So if someone is asking for help, we have an obligation to help witho...

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