Israeli impunity and global helplessness

2014-08-01 03:00
It IS difficult, almost impossible, to envisage an early negotiated cease-fire to put an end to the unconscionable carnage in Gaza. US Secretary of State John Kerry has been working hard, but with his...

Middle East’s cycle of violence

2014-08-01 03:00
In a region where crises seem to be the norm, the Middle East’s latest cycle of violence suggests that something bigger is afoot: the beginning of the dissolution of the Arab nation-state, reflected i...

It is time to fight extremism

2014-08-01 03:00
For many Saudis the idea of extremism in Saudi Arabia disappeared when the Ministry of Interior crushed Al-Qaeda nearly a decade ago. We have a tendency to rationalize that extremist behavior is restr...

Other Side of the Mirror: On being computer-umped

2014-08-01 03:00
I am absolutely convinced that the computer industry has us reduced to being victims of a conspiracy. Now, I know that we are all hooked onto the net and can’t do without windows except leap out of th...

US chasing India opportunity

2014-07-31 03:00
India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds its first strategic dialogue with US in New Delhi on Thursday. This will be the 5th edition of the Indo-US strategic dialogue. Besides several politic...

Is Sharif facing real challenges?

2014-07-31 03:00
Will Aug. 14 bring hope or despair for Nawaz Sharif? Different viewpoints are being aired. Most analysts see him in a dire situation, facing attacks from principal opponents like Imran Khan, Tahirul Q...

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