Saudi Press Roundup

2015-07-05 02:34
Conspiracy against ArabsThe recent terror attacks across the Middle East or to be more precise in the Arab world has exposed nefarious designs against the Arabs. The main objective of the anti-Arab pl...

Nothing Islamic about Daesh

2015-07-05 03:00
I protest as a Muslim, as a human being and as a journalist. I protest strongly against the way the label “Islamic State” is linked with terrorist activities taking place in any part of the world. The...

Leaving victims of turmoil high and dry

2015-07-05 03:00
Most of the flour, rice, dates, water, blankets and tents given to Syrian, Yemeni and other refugees come from governments — little is offered by the people. In the past, the source of charity work wa...

Greece: When reality collides with politics

2015-07-05 03:00
The Greek crisis is a tragedy for the country and a danger for the world economy. Germany is demanding that Greece continue to service its debts in full, even though Greece is clearly broke and the IM...

The ‘undo’ stew

2015-07-05 03:00
Twenty years of gaffes and now they come up with a “UNDO” option for e-mails sent in anger, in a rush, by error, default, to the wrong people and other deranged CC and BCC dispatches not meant for the...

Revolt against driverless cars

2015-07-05 03:00
While carmakers are racing to develop autonomous cars that do not need drivers, none has paused to ask the drivers if they want to give up driving and sit in cars that transport them like cargo. Howev...

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