Egypt summit: Beginning of a new era

2015-03-30 03:00
The Arab Summit, held recently at Sharm El-Sheikh, can be the beginning of a new phase in joint Arab action and the credibility of Arab countries if decisions are translated into reality. Custodian of...

NASA: Science and hospitality

2015-03-30 03:00
In November 2012, Riyadh hosted the 25th annual Association of Space Explorers Congress. The International Aeronautics Technology Conference was organized by King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technol...

Making hard choices for preservation of peace

2015-03-30 03:00
As George Washington once said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” This is the dilemma of peace, sometimes in order to protect it; you have no other choic...

When language becomes a victim

2015-03-30 03:00
Enjoy reading books, whether Arabic or English. And while reading books in both languages, one thing that always stands out to me is how both languages address the sexes. In Arabic writing, the mascul...

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Appreciation matters

2015-03-30 03:00
Last week, I once again visited the United Arab Emirates. This time around, it was to my all-time favorite Dubai to attend the first Arab Social Media Influencers Summit organized at the Dubai Interna...

‘Decisive Storm’ — a major game changer

2015-03-30 03:00
During the past few years, the political and security landscape of the Middle East underwent massive changes. Since the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring, the region is faced with a host of issue...

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