NRIs — a genuine fiscal force

2014-12-28 03:00
The relationship between the mother country and the great Indian Diaspora has been ambivalent at best.With 30 million and counting Indians living in foreign lands you would think there would be a more...

Of oil prices and conspiracy theories

2014-12-28 03:00
The continued slide in the price of oil in international markets over the last four months is often blamed on Saudi Arabia for keeping its production level at approximately 10.5 million barrels per da...

Fighting human-induced climate change

2014-12-27 23:18
The purpose of the global financial system is to allocate the world’s savings to their most productive uses. When the system works properly, these savings are channeled into investments that raise liv...

Where is name of the game?

2014-12-28 03:00
I do have a fervent wish and that is directed at my colleagues who plough the fourth estate, especially those who are privileged to work on the Sports pages. I say this because not only are these page...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-12-28 00:46
Budget: Between reality and figures Saudi Arabia announced its national budget for 2015 during a special Cabinet session, chaired by Crown Prince Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense. The bu...

Let the pilot go free

2014-12-27 03:00
It is one of the basic tenets of war based on The Geneva Convention in 1949 and reworked in 1977 by 174 countries and it deals with the treatment accorded to prisoners of war. It provides a modicum of...

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