But $100 billion for Iran, Mr. Obama?

2015-07-08 03:00
The world has not been following up as diligently as it should be doing on the 5+1 talks with Iran on its nuclear plans. There are now more questions than answers about the process including the conti...

No role for Assad in peace talks

2015-07-08 03:00
In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal last week for a regional coalition to combat terrorism, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem said: “I know Russia is a country that works...

Greeks score a point

2015-07-08 03:00
In the wake of Greek voters’ fairly unequivocal verdict in Sunday’s referendum, the decent way for Brussels to respond would be to cut Athens some slack and conclude a deal that leaves out some of the...

Sitting on a powder keg

2015-07-08 03:00
The violence unleashed in Arab countries in the last four years may turn out to be just a first taste of what is to come. Escalating brutality has put Arab citizens under immense pressure. Without a c...

Welcome to Modistan

2015-07-08 03:00
Can one imagine David Cameron or Barack Obama or Angela Merkel or Francois Hollande making trips abroad, while their respective countries reel from blood-soaked trails of the most sinister scam? Can o...

Taxing tobacco

2015-07-08 03:00
Over the last 10 years, impressive gains have been made in the battle against the tobacco epidemic. Spurred by the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which entered into...

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