Driving with a new mentality

2014-10-26 03:00
Are men better drivers than women? Are roads safer now than they were five years ago? The answer to both questions is “No.” A UAE safety survey indicated that 77 percent of people believe that there a...

When the truth hurts

2014-10-26 03:00
THE recent results of an annual online survey of the worst airports in the world to sleep-in found Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport to be the second worst in terms of comfort, convenience...

Understanding the Russian dilemma

2014-10-26 03:00
THE Ukraine crisis has shattered key western assumptions about Russia and many analysts and policymakers have fallen back on the belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be acting irrationall...

Dealing with the threat of Ebola

2014-10-26 03:00
Which countries, beyond those in West Africa, are most susceptible to the Ebola epidemic? Most epidemiologists do not fear much for the developed world, with its effective quarantine measures and trac...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-10-26 03:00
Protecting Saudi youthsThe Syrian female academic who quit Dammam University to join the ranks of the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS) had brought her academic toolkit to pollute the thoughts of our g...

The ‘politics’ behind oil price fall

2014-10-25 03:00
It is no longer a issue of whispering in the corridors of the oil industry. It is now part of public debate. Is Saudi Arabia launching an oil price war in tandem with the US to undermine or at least w...

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