Strange pause in global warming

2014-12-21 03:00
For the last quarter of the 20th century, the average temperature at the surface of the earth edged inexorably upward. Then, to the surprise even of scientists, it stopped. The concentration of carbon...

Decoding the ‘ranged marriage

2014-12-21 03:00
One of the risks of coming home to India is being co-opted into a game called arrange the arranged marriage. It is not a trivial pursuit and, unlike the love marriage, is played in deadly earnest. In...

A hard week for Muslims

2014-12-21 03:00
This past week has been extremely hard for Muslims, especially those living in countries where they are minorities. From Australia to Pakistan to Nigeria, kidnappings, killings, and the blowing up of...

Confessions in a sealed envelope

2014-12-21 03:00
I give my wife a sealed envelope. What is this, she says. It’s a sealed envelope, I say, it is the big thing now, everyone is into sealed envelopes, there are only two kinds of people in the world, th...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-12-21 00:18
Oil price and global conflictsA number of flashpoints in the world including Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine have contributed to the current fluctuations in oil prices. The United States and its...

After the Peshawar carnage

2014-12-19 03:00
On Dec. 16, the Taleban attacked an army school in Peshawar and killed 132 children and nine adults. The assault on the school was the single deadliest attack in the Taleban’s history. The question no...

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