Saudi-UAE coalition and the region’s new equation

2015-10-07 02:51
The Arab world now stands in need of a compass to point it on its way. The problems of the Arab regional system, plus the negativity of the Arab League, have left a vacuum which regional parties are t...

New uprising will hurt Netanyahu, Abbas

2015-10-07 03:00
It was perhaps inevitable that the situation in the West Bank and the old city of Jerusalem would deteriorate quickly; raising questions among Palestinians and Israelis alike whether a third intifada...

The speech US prefers to forget

2015-10-07 03:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Syria portends ‘war without end,’ proclaimed a headline the other day in Britain’s Daily Telegraph. Even loyal readers of this famously cons...

The quest for elusive peace

2015-10-07 03:00
After months of confrontation along the border, India and Pakistan took their face-off to a new level at the UN General Assembly session. No one expected leaders of India and Pakistan to hold a breakt...

Hague tribunal: Time for Indonesian reckoning

2015-10-07 03:00
There is a degree of irony in the fact that an International People’s Tribunal on the profoundly traumatic events that occurred 50 years ago in Indonesia will be convened next month in The Hague, the...

Afghanistan: Nightmare week for US

2015-10-07 03:00
A catastrophic airstrike on a hospital capped a disastrous week for US forces in Afghanistan, but many Afghans remain terrified at the prospect of their leaving, with the Taliban’s brief capture of Ku...

EU, GCC and Syrian refugees

2015-10-06 03:00
I write this week from New York, where some European officials have raised the issue of Syrian refugees at the United Nations Generally Assembly. The impetus is clear: Europe is unwilling to take in t...

Obama’s tattered Middle East policy

2015-10-06 03:00
Let’s not fool ourselves, Washing-ton’s relationships and actions are primarily based on US interests; interests which coincide with its allies in some instances but not on others. Currently, US polic...

Syria’s polarizing narrative

2015-10-06 03:06
Imagine the Syrian war from the ordinary Syrians’ point of view and from a variety of backgrounds. They are most likely to offer a different perspective and to hold entirely different expectations tha...

Managing Europe’s perfect storm

2015-10-06 03:00
THE Chinese often point out that in their language the character for crisis and opportunity are one and the same. But, while it is indeed true that crisis and opportunity often go hand in hand, it is...

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