Scorned wisdom of UK ‘Camel Corps’

2014-08-31 03:00
Long before the execution of the US journalist, James Foley, by a presumed British militant, there was a growing perception of the UK as a pre-eminent breeding ground of extremism.For years, French se...

Modi’s political somersault

2014-08-31 03:00
It is difficult to understand whether calling off Indo-Pak talks is merely a diplomatic error on the part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the domestic political dynamics have played any role in thi...

Owning a house still a distant dream

2014-08-31 03:00
I looked at a piece of land here a few years ago and the guy wanted SR450,000 for a 600-meter plot,” said Omar as we sped north of Jeddah on our way to a dinner of freshly-caught fish in Dhahban, arou...

Children in the crosshair

2014-08-31 01:41
In the old days which we call the Middle Ages or even the primitive era, wars were fought hand to hand and combat was honorable. If the brothers in arms never met again that parting was well made.Ther...

A fresh look at Gaza gas

2014-08-31 03:00
Aside from the debate on who actually won in the five weeks of Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, the focus will be on future negotiations in September and whether they will indicate a serious shift i...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-08-31 00:34
New generation of terroristsThe Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization has reportedly recruited some children and we have seen these children holding weapons in video clips posted on the social med...

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