Reviving the Arab world’s anemic political systems

2014-07-23 03:00
Many Arab countries have sickly, anemic political systems that are sorely in need of rehabilitation if not outright regeneration.The lackluster and often non-existent development on this front has res...

Who will stop these child killers?

2014-07-23 03:00
Editors face this dilemma in the newsroom almost on a daily basis. Every time there’s a slaughter of innocent which is like a daily occurrence these days, those in the news business face the predicame...

Gaza assault faces failure

2014-07-23 03:00
As the assault on Gaza enters its third week, the Israeli army is no closer to achieving its military objectives than it was on the first day. Palestinian resistance continues to fire rockets on Israe...

MH17: Terror in the sky

2014-07-23 03:00
First of all, I would like to express my deep sympathy to the families and friends of all the innocent victims who died aboard Malaysia’s flight MH 17. My heart also goes to the beautiful and good peo...

Modi needs to address caste issue

2014-07-23 03:00
India dreams of becoming a superpower and with the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who wields considerable power thanks to the absolute majority he has been given by the electorate, India is...

Is peace applicable in Palestine?

2014-07-23 03:00
Jon Stewart, in a recent episode of his Daily Show, presented a black comedy about the survival choices of Palestinians in Gaza. One of the most painful comments was about evacuation, he asks: “Where...

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