Celebrating the National day

2014-09-22 03:00
Expats should know that celebrating our national day was not officially authorized until a few years ago. The issue, at first, was raised in the local media through questioning the ‘Haram’ behind it....

The best way to celebrate Sept. 23

2014-09-22 03:00
September 23 marks a proud moment for Saudis. The same day in 1932 King Abdulaziz Al-Saud laid the foundations of the modern-day Saudi Arabia. For the past few years, Saudis — men, women and the youth...

Charity needs caution

2014-09-22 03:00
Haj is drawing near and along with it comes yet another season of “charity hunts.” Hundreds of messages and invitations about charity opportunities have stated to appear everywhere — SR10 for food, S...

Preparing young minds for challenges

2014-09-22 03:00
As we have just reached the 13th anniversary of 9/11, and as news reports unveil renewed US action targeting radical groups, it is time for another introspective and comprehensive look at this phenome...

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Speak your mind

2014-09-22 03:00
Last summer and before the six-week school holiday, which marks the end of the academic year, my 8-year-old son had just been promoted to his new class. When I went to fetch him after school, he appea...

Aftermath of the Scottish referendum

2014-09-22 03:00
In the run-up to this September’s historic referendum on whether Scotland was to remain part of the United Kingdom, the British political establishment practically pleaded with Scottish people not to...

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