Testimony to KSA’s significance

2015-01-29 03:10
President Barack Obama’s high-profile, bi-partisan delegation to Riyadh this week marked a shift in the United States’ relationship with Saudi Arabia.The delegation remained on the ground for less tha...

Aid in a world of crisis

2015-01-29 03:00
Never in the 64-year history of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has it had to address so much human misery. At the beginning of 2014, more than 51 million people were displaced from their ho...

The decline of US military innovation

2015-01-29 03:00
THE United States is at risk of losing its military edge. America’s armed forces may still be the most advanced in the world; after all, the US spends more than twice as much on military research and...

Spoiling Modi’s party

2015-01-29 03:00
AFTER his trip to the United States last September when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was treated as a rock star, a sulking Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had wryly remarked: “Other countrie...

Growing into the 21st century

2015-01-29 03:00
The death of a king serves as a moment for reflection, not only about the past, but also toward the future as policy turns into legacy. King Abdullah steered Saudi Arabia through the turbulence of the...

Integrating Europe’s Muslims

2015-01-28 03:10
He came from Algeria seeking a better life, anticipating an escape from poverty, oppression, and hopelessness. In Paris, he found a low-skill job and had children and grandchildren. As French citizens...

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