Need for Saudi war correspondents

2015-04-20 03:00
Since the beginning of the Saudi Arabia-led Operation Decisive Storm, the Kingdom’s newspapers have been naturally flooded with analysis and reports on the situation in Yemen and the same is the case...

Absence of marketing’s basics in local market

2015-04-20 03:00
It is about a 15-minute trip from the school of my older son to my in-laws house where I drop him after the school hours on a daily basis. This past week we decided to play a little game, counting how...

Overdose of politeness

2015-04-20 03:00
One of the things I noticed in some cultures is the excessive use of courtesies. Polite words and phrases like “sorry”, “excuse me” and others are common on everyone’s tongue, sometimes too common. Ta...

New style of management in Kingdom

2015-04-20 03:00
Soon after ascending the throne, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman introduced a new trend in the Kingdom. The massive Cabinet’s reshuffle and changes in the top official hierarchy were unp...

UN swings into action

2015-04-20 03:00
On April 14, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted resolution 2216, after weeks of intensive debate. It represents the clearest and most comprehensive statement today by the international...

A major blow to Iran

2015-04-20 03:00
It is not as if the international community is oblivious to the negative and destructive role being played by Iran and its proxies in Yemen. And yet, it seems that the Arab countries have to put their...

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