The democratic disruption of finance

2014-04-24 03:00
There seems to be no limit to the exciting possibilities that come from combining technical innovations, the Internet and social media. It is a phenomenon that has been revolutionizing journalism and...

America’s grim legacy in Iraq

2014-04-24 03:00
The Iraq war is now 11 years old and still tearing up the country, but no longer with the assistance of US troops. Between 500,000 and 700,000 people died from 2003–2011. The monthly civilian toll now...

Putin’s perilous course

2014-04-24 03:00
The dangers of the crisis in Ukraine cannot be exaggerated. Russian President Vladimir Putin is overtly and covertly inciting separatism in eastern Ukraine, and has declared Russia’s unilateral right...

Libya and Tunisia — a tale of two revolutions

2014-04-23 03:00
Three years after the revolutions in various Arab countries, many observers are still arguing about how to describe them. Some see it as the “Arab Spring” while others regard it as no more...

Beyond sense and sensibility

2014-04-23 03:00
NO single religion has a lien on nut jobs. Even as Indians prove their maturity in going through the most massive democratic election in the history of the world there are some idiots who crawl out of...

KSA needs land reforms

2014-04-23 03:00
SAUDI Arabia is one of the biggest countries in terms of landmass spread over an area of around one million square miles with a population of about 30 million. In other words, we have enough space to...

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