Stupid rules in sport

2014-10-02 03:00
I am watching the Asian Games field hockey and it strikes me rather forcefully that when a player enters the ‘D’ of the other side he is less inclined to shoot for goal and more intent on hitting a de...

Houthis’ startling capture of Sanaa

2014-10-02 03:00
I write this week from New York, where the capture of Yemen’s capital Sanaa by Houthi rebels on Sept. 21 has become a major topic of discussion. But questions abound about how it happened so quickly a...

Proactively protecting customers

2014-10-02 03:00
Saudi retailers are not particularly sophisticated when it comes to customer relations and loyalty. The prevailing attitude even today is one of the customer buys a product and then should be satisfie...

Is it end of road for Jaya?

2014-10-02 03:00
It can happen only in a vibrant democracy like India. It takes decades for a politician to build his/her political career but only a few minutes for courts to destroy it.This is exactly what happened...

Remove the saltshaker from table

2014-10-02 03:00
Parents, take note: There is a serious health risk lurking in your homes to which your children are being exposed daily — a commonplace household ingredient that features in most meals: Salt. It may s...

No light at the end of tunnel

2014-10-02 03:00
Months after the collapse of US-led efforts to advance Middle East peace, experts say Palestinians and Israelis have finally agreed on at least one thing — further talks would be futile.And, as has so...

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