High hopes for GCC-US summit

2015-04-22 03:00
Gulf leaders have high hopes that they will be able to convince US President Barack Obama, at their White House and Camp David meetings in May, of the folly of his current Middle East policy, which ma...

Time to crush IS together

2015-04-22 03:00
In his television interview with Fox News on April 13, King Abdallah of Jordan revealed that his country is now the only Arab member of the US-led international coalition that is bombing the Islamic S...

Don’t forget about Assad

2015-04-22 03:00
A few days ago, members of the UN Security Council watched a video showing a Syrian doctor attempting to rescue children who had allegedly been the victims of a chlorine gas attack by Syrian governmen...

The ghosts of Bandung

2015-04-22 03:00
On a lazy afternoon a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity, after several decades, to reacquaint myself with University Challenge, a longstanding BBC television presentation that tests the general kno...

Man of folly is often loud

2015-04-22 03:00
For the third time since the start of Operation Decisive Storm, Hassan Nasrallah has taken it upon himself to publicly attack, lambaste and insult Saudi Arabia. The manner, in which he has delivered t...

Revisiting the Marshall Plan

2015-04-22 03:00
Despite ongoing efforts to catalyze global development cooperation, there have been significant obstacles to progress in recent years. Fortunately, with major international meetings set for the second...

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