Extremism is our biggest enemy

2015-01-24 03:00
The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS, now IS), Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda and similar groups are not really states the sense we understand. They are an idea of extremism that unites those who subsc...

Presidential system not in Turkey’s interest

2015-01-24 03:00
EU membership candidacy and then the process of entry into the Customs Union led to various changes in Turkey. A great many of these were positive. Europe first wished to see international democratic...

King Abdullah and the genuine tears

2015-01-24 03:00
In the early hours of Friday morning my wife called me on the phone and she was crying like a baby…Yes like a baby. I did not ask why she was crying because I was simply crying myself for the same rea...

Smooth power transition witnessed

2015-01-24 05:10
Saudi Arabia has proven to the world that it has strong institutional structures that can ensure a smooth transition of power, guaranteeing stability in a region beset by conflict.This was the news th...

Where is the humane spirit of our faith?

2015-01-23 03:00
Of all the angry speeches, sound bites and opinion pieces that the Charlie Hebdo massacre generated, the best one came from an unexpected quarter — Pope Francis. In the face of the West’s chorus defen...

IS sowing death even after leaving

2015-01-23 03:00
A massage belt, a PlayStation controller, a gold ring — it sounds like a gift list, but the items the IS group left in Iraq are rigged with explosives to kill.The militants still sow death long after...

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