The irrelevant Seven

2015-06-25 03:00
The latest G-7 summit, in the beautiful Alpine setting of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, has come and gone. No longer the G-8, owing to Russia’s suspension, the forum is again composed exclusively...

Need for pragmatic approach

2015-06-25 03:00
Saudi Scholar Dr. Salman Al-Ouda said during an interview with TV host Abdullah Al-Modifer that “the rules of the game have changed” regarding the local situation in Saudi Arabia, and defied those cri...

Remaking Africa

2015-06-25 03:00
A major trade deal signed in June 2015 is about to remake Africa. Dubbed the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), the 26-nation market created by this deal will liberalize intra-Africa trade, foster cro...

The Calais carnage

2015-06-25 03:00
Chaos in Calais is the phrase that comes to mind. That is followed by a surreal series of images showing an eclectic multinational mob taking advantage of the ferry strike to hitch a ride across the b...

Why are Saudis in Russia?

2015-06-24 03:00
In the Russian city of St. Petersburg, Saudi Arabia had a strong presence last week. The importance of the economic conference — held in the presence of hundreds of international officials and busines...

Time for safe havens in ME

2015-06-24 03:00
Political, social and economic problems neither solve themselves nor dissolve and disappear with time. They require honesty with oneself and others as well as practical and courageous commitment to ch...

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