No kidding, it’s serious

2014-07-19 03:00
There is nothing more satisfying for a writer than to get a response from a reader. It makes it all worthwhile. So, when I got this call from a reader reacting to the piece on the complete lack of res...

Small steps that could make a big difference

2014-07-19 03:00
Thanks to the power and effectiveness of social media, reports about events taking place at any corner of the world reach us in just seconds. It has become much easier for the disenfranchised to make...

The great income divide

2014-07-19 03:00
Thomas Piketty’s book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has captured the world’s attention, putting the relationship between capital accumulation and inequality at the center of economic debate. W...

Where death comes knocking

2014-07-19 03:00
What a humane way to warn people of the impending danger: First airdropping leaflets and then targeting homes and other buildings by missiles reducing the concrete structures into rubbles, of course,...

FIFA must face the music

2014-07-19 03:00
Suddenly there is this huge vacuum in our lives and we are having to readjust. After months of unremitting sports on the telly (the French Open, IPL, Wimbledon, the soccer World Cup) there is nothing...

Muslims and mountains of misconceptions

2014-07-18 03:00
Being a student of media, it never ceases to amaze me how popular perceptions and opinions are formed. How tiny little nuggets of misinformation, hearsay, old-fashioned biases and often plain ignoranc...

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