Shrinking shark population

2014-10-18 03:00
Sharks have long been portrayed as man-eaters, a menace to any swimmer brave (or foolish) enough to share the water with them. But this perception could not be further from reality. In fact, sharks ar...

The art of storytelling

2014-10-18 03:00
Is it guts and glory or plain cowardice? The jury will stay out on this issue for a long time and we may never get a unanimous verdict. But the post retirement “kiss and tell” publishing option in spo...

Other Side of the Mirror: Plumbing the depths

2014-10-17 03:00
There was a time when the family doctor came over, shoved a spoon in your mouth, made you gag, gave you some ghastly tasting medicine and then spent an hour talking to your parents. Often, there was n...

‘North America is a Crime Scene’

2014-10-17 03:00
Growing up in small town in India, my earliest introduction to the English language and fiction were ‘cowboy’ novels of Oliver Strange. For someone who grew up in crowded, downtown mohallas, adventure...

What really worked in the US

2014-10-17 03:00
The other day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the US. He saw, was seen and most of us have concurred that it was a jolly good show, a sort of political cirque de soleil with all the glamo...

Why was the American killed?

2014-10-15 03:00
The tragic incident of the shooting of an American worker took place in one of Riyadh's busiest streets. It was a Tuesday afternoon when hundreds of drivers visit the gas station.Those who are trying...

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