Progress in fight against terror

2014-11-14 23:05
Pakistani forces, backed by aerial support, are making progress in their second major offensive against the dreaded armed group Lashkar-e-Islam, or Army of Islam, in the country’s northern Khyber trib...

Politics of UN leadership

2014-11-14 23:03
Election cycles are growing longer worldwide. In the United States, for example, ambitious politicians are already campaigning hard in bellwether states for the 2016 presidential election. Yet some ra...

Modi making shrewd moves

2014-11-14 23:00
Within less than six months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to expand his Cabinet carries strong messages for his party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members, its allies, rivals and for polit...

When nations fail to learn from past

2014-11-14 23:00
Recent history tells us that whenever the Middle East is faced with any radical threat, a United States-Iran alliance takes shape. Observers may recall the rapprochement between Washington and Tehran,...

Saffronization of India

2014-11-14 03:14
Faiz had said this in a different age and for a different country but it still rings as true and contextual to our circumstances as all great poetry is: Nisaar main teri galiyon pe ai watan ke jahanC...

Pakistan needs electoral reforms

2014-11-14 03:12
Pakistan has suffered since its inception from a lack of political stability. Democracy has not taken root. In the past military and civilian governments played a game of musical chairs with the natio...

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