America means business

2014-09-13 03:00
IS the Islamic State (IS), that brutal group of caliphniks whose recruits seem possessed of a philistine’s sense of where Islamic values and Arab culture intersect, about to get beheaded? I certainly...

To be or not to be with UK

2014-09-13 03:00
If the Scots vote “yes” to independence on Sept. 18, as one opinion poll now suggests they will, three things are likely to happen in the following week.First, David Cameron may cease to be the leader...

Democratic dark spots

2014-09-13 03:00
Democracy in Asia lately has proved to be hardier than many might have expected, with free and fair elections enabling the large and divided societies of India and Indonesia to manage important politi...

Even Atlas shrugged

2014-09-13 03:00
This is one of those once upon a people of this world time stories.Like the pests in the household got together one day and decided to hold a major meeting to discuss their survival problems.The roach...

Better late than never

2014-09-13 03:00
Some of the world’s most gruesome diseases are finally getting a bit of attention.The worst-ever Ebola outbreak, which has already killed at least 2,296 people in West Africa, has triggered a scramble...

What love? What jihad?

2014-09-12 03:00
Study the past, advised Cicero, to know the future. But those who forever live in the past end up eclipsing their present and the future. No wonder the frequent word of advice from our elders is: Jo h...

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