India’s ‘IS’ challenge

2015-02-23 03:00
HOW serious a threat is the terror group, Islamic State (IS), to India? Security experts are bitterly divided over the extent of IS influence and how to tackle this menace. Syed Asif Ibrahim — ex-chie...

Ukraine needs weapons

2015-02-23 03:08
IT has become something of a mantra among diplomats and other foreign-policy analysts that there is no military solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The only viable path to peace and s...

100 different shades of ‘shabab’

2015-02-23 03:02
It is a very common word around here. Upon first hearing it, non-Saudis think they know what it means. Then it comes up in a different context and it needs another round of definition. You think you k...

No place like home

2015-02-23 03:03
THE recent discovery of two new planets, dubbed Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, proves that small habitable-zone planets exist — something we did not know only five years ago.The question of whether alie...

All eyes on Libya

2015-02-23 03:00
THE horrifying seaside slaughter of 20 innocent Egyptian Copts and one Ghanaian opens a new chapter in the war against terrorist violence, whose perpetrators are hell-bent on pushing Islam on a collis...

Commoditization threatens integrity of research

2015-02-23 03:00
Since the development of the scientific method in early modern times, research — conducted according to strict scientific parameters — has been the gold standard in the development and documentation o...

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