The case of the missing ‘spare tire’

2015-05-17 03:00
Many auto companies now resort to the practice of selling new cars without spare tires, giving drivers instead repair kits or sometimes nothing at all. Many buyers do not bother to check on the spare...

United we stand

2015-05-17 03:00
US President Barack Obama and delegations from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) were among 20 delegates gathered around a large rectangular table at the Camp David retreat on Thursday. If it were no...

Road to a smokeless society

2015-05-17 03:00
In a few weeks, Beijing will implement a citywide ban on smoking in all indoor public spaces, such as restaurants and offices, as well as on tobacco advertising outdoors, on public transportation, and...

Brazilians’ attitudes toward Arabs, Muslims

2015-05-17 03:00
Despite the fact that the first Muslims arrived in Brazil over 180 years ago among the slaves brought from Africa to work on Brazilian farms, and that the first Arab immigrants arrived here over a 100...

Saudi Press Roundup

2015-05-17 00:13
Humanitarian kingTHE opening of King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Work in Riyadh and the laying of its foundation stone by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman send the message t...

Filling the vacuum in ME

2015-05-16 03:00
Until even a few years ago, the UK general elections attracted special attention in the Middle East, reflecting historic, economic and political bonds going back to the 19th century in the context of...

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