What awaits the next Philippine president?

2015-07-28 03:00
One of my favorite people in the world sat across me, sipping coffee in a café that he owns, on the top floor of a mall that he started. He ran and lost in the 2010 presidential elections but has sinc...

Obama gives Kenyans hopes of change

2015-07-28 03:00
THE crowd was always going to be onside, but US President Barack Obama was in typically inspirational form when he visited Kenya this weekend, the country where his father was born.Addressing a crowd...

Crumbling the truce

2015-07-28 03:00
In continuation with our column yesterday, the spurning of the truce is regrettable. The Houthi leadership has shown a very closed mind to what was a gesture of courtesy and compassion for the childre...

Valor and loyalty of Saudi soldiers

2015-07-27 03:00
It has been a few months since the start of operation Decisive Storm that was launched to bring peace to Yemen and rid it of Houthi rebels who wanted to cause chaos in the country and even threatened...

Poor customer service

2015-07-27 03:00
The system [is] down, is the oldest trick used by the local customer service guys. No matter whether it is a simple public office, or a shiny marble-floored private building, the same phrase is repeat...

Begin with ‘elite tourism’

2015-07-27 03:00
The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has admittedly achieved a lot, but there are always possibilities of doing more.In fact, there is enough tourism and human potential, as the comm...

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