We need the special language of peace

2014-07-26 03:06
PEACE has its own special language, but only the virtuous deep thinkers and people who use their intellects are truly aware of it. The special language of peace is a most privileged one that breaks al...

Power scenario still bleak in Pakistan

2014-07-26 03:04
When Sharif’s government came into power last year, it prioritized all efforts to overcome Pakistan’s nagging energy crisis. The worsening problem of power outages across Pakistan, lasting up to 18 ho...

India’s Chinese dream

2014-07-26 03:03
In recent years, China and India have both emerged as global economic superpowers, with China leading the way. But, with Chinese growth slowing and the need for structural change becoming increasingly...

Calls grow for stripping Russia of 2018 World Cup

2014-07-26 03:00
THE ire of much of the world is trained on the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine believed responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and the man who many say enabled them. Presiden...

The last goodbye

2014-07-26 03:02
All over the world people leave jobs or are asked to go and that is about it. In expatland the situation is dramatically different. Thanks to the perpetuation of old habits there still is attached som...

A Muslim forced to break his fast

2014-07-25 03:05
AT least 11 members of Parliament belonging to the right-wing Shiv Sena allegedly forced a Muslim catering supervisor, who was fasting for Ramadan, to eat a chapati at the new Maharashtra Sadan in New...

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