New Saudi policy — benefits and pragmatism

2015-12-02 03:00
Voices from Riyadh are echoing in the world’s capital cities as the Kingdom embarks upon a new policy rooted in shared interests and based on firmness, clarity and openness. A new innovative team is p...

Where there’s a will

2015-12-02 03:00
From rising sea levels and the melting of Greenland’s sheet ice to the bleaching of coral reefs around many coasts, the signs of climate change are all around us. As a global society, we are at a crit...

Saudi women on the right track

2015-12-02 03:00
It is a matter of great pride and joy to see Saudi women actively taking part in elections for the first time in the history of the Kingdom. There are 979 women participating as candidates in the upco...

Abandoning Libya is a mistake

2015-12-02 03:00
The self-assigned capital of Daesh, Raqqa, is being pounded from the air, forcing fighters to send their families across the border to Mosul for safety. For the West, the Paris attacks have been a gam...

Fight against AIDS

2015-12-02 03:00
The world committed to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 with goals adopted this year by the United Nations. But is that realistic, or even possible?There are a lot of reasons for optimism on this World A...

Between hope and history

2015-12-02 03:00
Three quarters of a century ago, it wasn’t just political and racialist motives that lay behind the Nazi conquest of Europe. Adolf Hitler also wanted to ensure that Germans would always be well fed an...

Misreading the Intifada

2015-12-01 03:00
Israeli commentators, Yaron Friedman, of “Ynet News” and Haviv Rettig Gur, of the “Times of Israel” are clueless about the driving force behind the Palestinian mobilization and collective struggle. In...

Is peace journalism working?

2015-12-01 03:00
Short answer: No. The Paris event triggered war journalism; no peace journalism was observed. Peace journalism was conceived in the 1960s as a reaction to foreign news negativism and focus on actors a...

Long march to Paris

2015-12-01 03:00
Over the next few weeks, Paris will once again dominate global headlines. This time, however, the news is likely to be positive, as world leaders come together to forge a meaningful agreement in the f...

Hopes for a new Syria

2015-12-01 03:00
It has been a bad time for Russia after two of its jets have been downed. The first was a passenger plane downed in Egypt’s Sinai, the second was a Sukhoi Su-24 warplane downed by Turkey near the Syri...

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