As aluminum market shifts to deficit, all eyes on China

2014-08-30 03:00
LONDON: For the world’s hard-pressed aluminum producers the current outlook is the rosiest in many years.Russian giant UC Rusal, for example, has just returned to profit for the first time in five con...

Historical perspective of the Gaza massacre

2014-08-30 03:00
People in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine feel disappointed at the lack of any significant international reaction to the carnage the Israeli assault has left behind it in the Strip. The inability, or...

Boost quality of life to fight extremism

2014-08-30 03:00
TURKEY, which has had a very happening 2014, saw the swearing in of a new president in early August followed by the taking over of a new premier in the latter half of the same month. Ahmet Davutoglu,...

Sliding toward catastrophe

2014-08-30 03:00
The chaotic consequences of the gradual disintegration of Pax Americana are becoming increasingly clear. For seven decades, the United States safeguarded a global framework, which — however imperfect,...

Role of youth activism in Pakistan

2014-08-30 03:00
Imran Khan, affectionately also known as Kaptaan Khan, is making headlines as a game changer in Pakistan’s politics. His supporters, mainly the urban, educated elite, adore him. His political rivals,...

Making the most of summer

2014-08-30 03:00
There is nothing much about summer, is there? It’s dull, the heat is unrelenting and most of the fun people have made tracks for cooler climes, leaving you in a sticky morass of self-pity. You are sta...

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