Learning nothing from Ramadan

2015-06-29 03:00
Before the advent of Ramadan every year, we read various reports doing the rounds in the media showing the number of hours that Muslims around the world would observe fasting in 24 hours. Muslims are...

Living with the ghost of unemployment

2015-06-29 03:00
Most of the reports issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and formal local organizations in the Kingdom show a disturbing trend in the country. According to statistics released by those...

It’s no laughing matter

2015-06-29 03:00
Sometimes the best way to highlight one’s shortcomings is to use humor. It makes one laugh and enjoy a good time but the idea behind the humor gets registered in one’s minds and suddenly makes a perso...

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: A tightrope walk

2015-06-29 03:00
We have just finished the first 10 days of Ramadan. Surprisingly, against all our expectations these days went very smoothly. During the last two Ramadans, the weather conditions in London remained ha...

The ailing health sector

2015-06-29 03:00
Beyond any shadow of doubt, the Saudi government is making all-out efforts to improve the standard of living in the Kingdom. Not a day is passed without the announcement of a new public service aimed...

Obama should tread carefully

2015-06-29 03:00
As the June 30 deadline is fast approaching, the P5+1 great powers are weighing in if they could finally hammer out a deal with Iran that would open its nuclear program to strict international inspect...

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