Cease-fire: The day after

2014-07-28 03:00
A 12-hour cease-fire entered into force between Israel and Hamas. Of course, the respite came as a result of the diplomacy push for a lasting truce and after both sides began to realize that they need...

Gaza crisis: Time for India’s intervention

2014-07-28 01:03
Has India’s official stand on Palestine undergone a drastic change under the Narendra Modi regime? Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s blunt refusal to condemn Israel, on the floor of Parliament, for usi...

Fortress Britain retreats into splendid isolation

2014-07-28 03:00
Recent Cabinet shuffle in Britain may be the latest sign of UK growing isolationist trend. Prime Minister David Cameron replaced his long-serving Foreign Minister William Hague with Philip Hammond, th...

Putin stays on offense in Ukraine

2014-07-28 03:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin might be expected to hunker down into defense mode as he is besieged by accusations of Russian involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Instead he ha...

The nutty side of school

2014-07-28 03:00
What sort of world do we have to live in where a four-year-old has to undergo an entrance examination to get into kindergarten? And why is it so acceptable for schoolteachers to actually have a yardst...

Inevitable logic of Gaza tunnels

2014-07-27 03:00
Palestinians are an ancient people. They thus do not need to wait around for the emergence in their midst of some military genius to edify them on the efficacy of tunnels in guerrilla warfare. The kno...

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