Europe’s sovereignty illusion

2015-03-02 03:00
The European Union has taken democratic integration to unprecedented levels, securing its place at the forefront of institutional innovation. But today, sentiment in the EU seems to lean toward “confl...

Assessing India, Lanka N-deal

2015-03-02 03:00
Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent India trip was touted by many as another victory for the Modi government on foreign policy front. While both the nations inked four bilateral agreeme...

Banks have to do better

2015-03-01 03:05
I just wrote a few weeks ago about the immense challenges that Saudi entrepreneurs have in obtaining loans to help them start and run their small to medium enterprises, citing the shocking figure of 2...

Need for pragmatic approach

2015-03-01 03:02
Certain regional developments these days give an impression as if the Arab world lacks a clear vision during this tumultuous period. It appears as if the Arab countries are unable to effectively respo...

Ukraine: Caught in the crossfire

2015-03-01 03:00
THE ongoing turmoil in Ukraine has frequently been compared to the Yugoslav crisis of the early 1990s — and, indeed, there are many similarities. But, when it comes to understanding why the conflict b...

Understanding Turkey’s stance

2015-02-28 03:00
Last Sunday, the global media reported that Turkish tanks had rolled into Syria to carry out an operation to evacuate the tomb of Suleyman Shah from the only Turkish territory in the war-torn Syria.Th...

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