Is another Quebec in the making?

2014-09-21 03:00
A week ago, the “Kurdistan Times” warned “the British are exercising the old colonialist tongue to control the minds and dampen the aspirations of Scottish people who want to vote Yes (to independence...

Moving toward de-carbonization

2014-09-21 03:00
In the past, action to combat climate change was viewed largely as running counter to economic growth, with “going green” implying a sacrifice of prosperity for the sake of the environment. Today, we...

Help Saudi saleswomen excel

2014-09-21 03:00
I read with interest the recent news item in this newspaper decrying the lack of sales experience of many of the newly hired Saudi women sales assistants in shops. The report said they lacked a good w...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-09-21 00:56
Importance of cinemaI understand that about half of the Kingdom’s 28 million population love to have cinemas for entertainment. Cinema plays an important role in cultural development. It will enable S...

Islamic banking: Who is in control?

2014-09-21 03:00
The Islamic Development Bank’s (IsDB) successful sukuk issue clearly demonstrates the market remains open to welcoming this kind of financial activity. Also, the Islamic finance industry should face i...

Road map for Scotland

2014-09-20 03:00
Scotland’s vote on independence from the United Kingdom has spurred widespread debate about the secession of small states, such as Slovenia and Croatia in 1991, or the independence drive today in Spai...

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