Displacement activity

2015-04-28 03:00
What's emerging is what we need, which is a comprehensive plan, going after the criminal gangs, going after the traffickers, going after the owners of the boats...and stabilizing the countries from wh...

IS — a Baathist brainchild?

2015-04-28 03:00
A recent report by the German magazine Der Spiegal, drawn from documents smuggled from Syria to Turkey, is eye-opening. It is one more confirmation that the organization calling itself the “Islamic St...

Showing racism the red card

2015-04-28 03:00
Although it was a matter related to sports, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman took it upon himself to hold accountable a prince who made racist remarks, and ordered him punished. This is t...

In the face of terror

2015-04-28 03:00
Not only is terrorism a complex and reviled phenomenon, due to the darkness and bloodiness of its crimes, it also poses a host of other serious and sometimes embarrassing problems for those societies...

Year of Soils

2015-04-28 03:00
The United Nations has declared 2015 to be the International Year of Soils, and April 19-23 marked this year’s Global Soil Week. Such events, though not exactly glamorous, do not receive nearly the am...

Flaps Up: The era of the cityport

2015-04-28 03:00
Few of us realise that there is a network of 4000 airports in the world each vying with the other for air traffic.At present over $1 trillion have been earmarked for the development of airports aroun...

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