Putin stating Riyadh trump oil card

2014-04-20 03:00
It is not an academic debate or even one within think tanks, but a simple statement stating the obvious that politics are governed by the economy, where oil occupies a central position. And for that,...

Indian polls: Careers of many at stake

2014-04-20 03:00
The outcome of the ongoing parliamentary polls will prove to be a make or break situation for three key politicians. Failure or incomplete success in their goals may also result in the end of their po...

Upside-down narrative of global warming

2014-04-20 03:00
When politicians around the world tell the story of global warming, they cast it as humanity’s greatest challenge. But they also promise that it is a challenge that they can meet at low cost, while im...

Nobody is winning in Syria

2014-04-20 03:00
A series of recent interviews given by Syrian authorities to foreign journalists visiting Damascus at the invitation of the government, have given the erroneous impression that the forces of President...

Saudi Press Roundup

2014-04-20 01:06
Let us fight corruptionCorruption has become rampant in our societies. Actually it has nothing to do with Arab culture. When somebody tells us that a person is corrupt, the first thing that comes to o...

Destination disaser

2014-04-20 03:00
Enough. It is incredible that ferries that look like cruise liners and not abras or those ramped squares in Hong Kong sink. No one seems to have done any research or made any effort in any country to...

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