Misreading the Intifada

2015-12-01 03:00
Israeli commentators, Yaron Friedman, of “Ynet News” and Haviv Rettig Gur, of the “Times of Israel” are clueless about the driving force behind the Palestinian mobilization and collective struggle. In...

Is peace journalism working?

2015-12-01 03:00
Short answer: No. The Paris event triggered war journalism; no peace journalism was observed. Peace journalism was conceived in the 1960s as a reaction to foreign news negativism and focus on actors a...

Long march to Paris

2015-12-01 03:00
Over the next few weeks, Paris will once again dominate global headlines. This time, however, the news is likely to be positive, as world leaders come together to forge a meaningful agreement in the f...

Hopes for a new Syria

2015-12-01 03:00
It has been a bad time for Russia after two of its jets have been downed. The first was a passenger plane downed in Egypt’s Sinai, the second was a Sukhoi Su-24 warplane downed by Turkey near the Syri...

Managing a multipolar world

2015-12-01 03:00
Today, great-power competition is a fact: The United States now competes with an increasingly active Russia and a rising China. The Middle East, the South China Sea and Ukraine are just three theaters...

Writing about KSA from afar

2015-11-30 03:00
Thomas Friedman, in his latest article “Letter from Saudi Arabia” published in the New York Times, wrote, “Saudi Arabia is a country that is easier to write about from afar.” In his article, Friedman...

Holistic approach to address transport issues

2015-11-30 03:00
To start with, we should know the true meaning of supervision and should have a proper understanding of legislations on the basis of which we develop different rules and regulations. In addition to th...

You are what you eat

2015-11-30 03:00
A couple of weeks ago, I had an intense discussion about health and diet centers with two of my coworkers. Both of them are both struggling to find the best diet program out there in order to lose wei...

Knowing when to seek medical attention

2015-11-30 03:00
Saudis love medical attention whether they need it or not. So it comes as no great surprise that 67 percent of the people seeking treatment at emergency rooms throughout the Kingdom do not have urgent...

An affront to humanity

2015-11-30 03:00
As gory footages from a night of terror in Paris was rolled repeatedly on television, this author like many other peaceniks wondered, for how long will this affront to humanity continue? From Beirut t...

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