Gitmo: A wound that continues to fester

2015-01-31 03:05
Experiences from history are in fact road maps guiding our plans for the future. We can see what has been tried, what is successful and what is feeble and useless. Maybe what make democracies strong a...

The great peacemaker

2015-01-31 03:00
World leaders including United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute to King Abdullah’s efforts to address regional and international challenges at a time of turmoil and rapid changes. Ba...

Gaining strength from tragedy

2015-01-31 03:03
THE deadly Paris attacks earlier this month — carried out by the Kouachi brothers at Charlie Hebdo and by Amedy Coulibaly against a kosher supermarket — were clearly launched in the name of religion.C...

Economic collapse not likely

2015-01-31 03:00
THE rapid depreciation of the ruble, despite a dramatic — and seemingly desperate — late-night interest-rate hike by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) last month, has raised the specter of Russia’s eco...

That’s the glory of the FA Cup

2015-01-31 04:46
My Chelsea breathing friend is in deep depression. He cannot get over the fact that after leading by two goals his team went down to lowly Bradford City who kicked in four goals. It cannot be, he whis...

King Abdullah’s education plans stood out

2015-01-30 03:06
I would like to express my deepest condolences to fellow citizens on the passing of our beloved King Abdullah.When the news reached me, I could not help, in my sadness, but reflect on the immense lega...

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