Three encounters with Hillary Clinton

2015-04-26 03:00
It is Boston, July 2004. The setting is a downtown restaurant to which the editor Tina Brown has invited Hillary Clinton and a handful of notables, including Caroline Kennedy, filmmaker Michael Moore...

Protection of patients’ rights

2015-04-26 03:00
I was not surprised to read in this newspaper that an increasing number of doctors in the Kingdom are refusing to accept patients with medical insurance, insisting that they will only treat them if th...

What goes around comes around

2015-04-26 03:00
Former Syrian political security chief Rustom Ghazaleh, one of the country’s most notorious figures for the past two decades, has died.As with the deaths of other prominent figures in Bashar Assad’s r...

Saudi Press Roundup

2015-04-26 00:56
Bringing hope to YemenWhen Saudi Arabia surprised the world by launching Operation Decisive Storm it understood that political and diplomatic overtures to bring the belligerent groups sit around the t...

Muslims and the UK general polls

2015-04-25 03:00
The issue of “radicalization” has been notably absent from discussions prompted by the UK general election that takes place on May 7. Considering what a central public issue it is, this may seem odd....

Time to rebuild Yemen

2015-04-25 03:00
Yemen has been under the spotlight in the Arab region and the rest of the world for four weeks. Everyone has been talking about it since the beginning of the operation “Decisive Storm.” However, we do...

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