Selection of the next UN chief

2015-05-07 03:00
When the United Nations elects a new secretary-general next year, the world will face a crucial choice. With crises erupting in every region of the world, the need for strong, decisive leadership is s...

Countering Iran’s propaganda

2015-05-07 03:00
I feel sad that, as a journalist who was born and raised in Lebanon, and whose journalistic career has taken him to almost all the world’s continents, I have only visited one border point between Leba...

When Ghada met Steven

2015-05-07 03:00
In 1948, Ghada Karmi was a nine-year-old Palestinian girl growing up in Jerusalem when she was abruptly transplanted to London, her family having fled their home in the face of the Zionist takeover of...

Sit your way to death

2015-05-07 03:00
Someone just sat on your cake. Seriously, when I read it I didn’t believe it. But the more I thought about it, the more possible it looked. Sitting is the new smoking. Exactly. You cannot get away fro...

Unfairly criticizing Modi govt

2015-05-07 03:00
The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a US Congress-appointed panel, has hauled the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over coals over its alleged sins of o...

FLAPS UP: Gunships: More than diplomacy

2015-05-07 03:08
During the Cold War regime, cost was not the major consideration in the acquisition of military hardware. In the post-Cold War scenario, however, not only have economic factors come into play, but the...

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