Is PFLP trying to make a comeback?

2014-11-25 03:00
When news reports alleged that the two cousins behind the Jerusalem synagogue attack on Nov. 18 were affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a level of confusion reigned. Wh...

Waking up to reality

2014-11-25 03:00
Families fall out with each other all the time, but very often the ties of blood prevail. On the occasions they don’t, it’s a “lose-lose situation” for all. The same could be said for the spat between...

Immigration reform or immigration brawl?

2014-11-25 03:00
The United States, a nation of immigrants, is having a problem with immigrants — or at least with 12 million of them, illegals known in politically correct parlance as “undocumented.”The public debate...

Bolstering ECB’s credibility

2014-11-25 03:00
Germany's stance toward Europe has become one of rejection and disengagement. Its policymakers deny the euro zone’s crisis-ridden countries a more active fiscal policy; refuse to support a European in...

Taking Saudi-US ties to new levels

2014-11-24 03:00
Prince Miteb bin Abdullah’s visit to the United States is talk of the town these days. The visit of the minister of Saudi National Guard was very much anticipated due to the current geopolitical devel...

‘Nationalization’ drive

2014-11-24 03:00
The Shoura Council suggested the establishment of an official firm called the ‘Saudization Mission’. This suggestion is justified by the slowness of the Saudization plans carried out by the Ministry o...

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