What has changed since Lausanne?

2014-08-02 03:00
July 24 was the anniversary of the treaty that ended WWI for the Ottoman Empire. In other words, it was the anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty. After it tore apart the former Ottoman lands and handed...

Indian secularism holds its ground

2014-08-02 03:00
Indian Muslims are rightly apprehensive over a spate of communal incidents taking place in India. The anti-Muslim forces in the country, Muslims think, are buoyed by the formation of government at the...

The crippled pursuit of excellence

2014-08-02 03:00
We all want excellence. That goes without saying. Give us the best, we won’t settle for less. We hear it all the time. Every second fellow says it. Give me the best.Great. Touches the heart. Makes you...

New hope for Haiti

2014-08-02 03:00
During a recent visit to the rural community of Los Palmas, Haiti, I had the opportunity to talk with families directly affected by the cholera epidemic that has been afflicting the country since the...

China’s victory in Ukraine

2014-08-02 03:00
For a generation, relations between US and Russia were essentially about history. Since the Cold War’s end, Russia had become increasingly peripheral to the US and much of the rest of the world, its i...

Bullets with names on them

2014-08-02 03:00
I don’t mock those who sit on a beach and wear a T-shirt that says My heart bleeds for Gaza. I don’t mock those who say they are shocked and stunned by what is going on as they write on Facebook and o...

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