Rohingyas and global obligations

2015-05-29 03:00
We fishermen have a code, an Indonesian fisherman by the name of Ridwan told Al-Jazeera. “At sea you are all brothers and sisters. So if someone is asking for help, we have an obligation to help witho...

Dealing with the brainwashed

2015-05-29 03:00
Exactly what motivates an individual to join the ranks of a terrorist organization like the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS)? It really is a mind-boggling question. The simplest answer to the question...

Fighting extremist ideology

2015-05-29 03:00
It is not a coincidence that in some Western countries, whose constitutions clearly stipulate protecting freedom of expression and partisanship, Nazism is exceptionally banned in belief and in practic...

Will Erdogan’s charisma hold on June 7?

2015-05-29 03:00
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing an increasingly active role in Turkey’s legislative election campaign as the ruling party faces its biggest ballot box challenge since it came to powe...

‘Weight’ a minute, this is trouble

2015-05-29 03:00
Obesity may be tougher on male immune systems than females, suggests a study led by an Indian-American researcher.Kanakadurga Singer, assistant professor in pediatrics at the University of Michigan, f...

Time to stop blaming others

2015-05-28 03:00
Today, there are more than 50 countries that make up the entire Muslim world. Followers of Islam are not confined to any particular geographical entity. Muslims are found all across the world. Islam i...

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