Riyadh: Rapid changes give a clear message

2015-02-01 03:00
Probably the beat of events in Riyadh last week was faster than ever. Often described as a quiet and calm capital, Riyadh topped the agendas of news agencies and political commentators last week. Fres...

A huge sigh of relief

2015-02-01 03:06
I was very pleased to read the report this week of the announcement from the Ministry of Justice that courts in Riyadh have sentenced more than 65 men to prison terms ranging from two days to three mo...

Security in Iraq remains elusive

2015-02-01 03:03
THREE bullets hit a Flydubai jet at Baghdad airport last week causing the suspension of not only many flights to the Iraqi capital, but the suspension of hope and international confidence in the Iraqi...

Harnessing disruption for sustainability

2015-02-01 03:02
AFTER decades of reluctance on the part of world leaders, a rapid, smooth, and purposeful transition toward sustainable development seems unlikely. Indeed, throughout human history, such major changes...

Double safety standard

2015-02-01 03:05
US President Obama asked in his penultimate State of the Union Speech for congressional authority to re-negotiate trade deals with European and Asian nations. In trade with Europe, automakers have lob...

Gitmo: A wound that continues to fester

2015-01-31 03:05
Experiences from history are in fact road maps guiding our plans for the future. We can see what has been tried, what is successful and what is feeble and useless. Maybe what make democracies strong a...

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