Students lead Sudan protests

2012-06-24 00:10
KHARTOUM has seen an outburst of social unrest in the past week, driven by rampant inflation and simmering discontent, with the regime determined to crush a movement led by Sudanese students that has...

Prince Naif combined strength with compassion

2012-06-23 00:17
There are values and principles which influential individuals lean on to move easily and interact with their surroundings. These figures are always proud of their basic values and do not hesitate to...

Syria: The crisis has reached critical point

2012-06-23 00:13
The reported shooting down of a Turkish warplane by the Assad’s air defense is an important message to everybody in Ankara, as well as the international community, namely that the Assad regime...

Saudi F-15 after burner and the sword dance

2012-06-22 00:06
The world press is always fascinated by what Saudi Arabia does and doesn’t do. You can see many pages in the Western press full of analyses about political or social issues in the Kingdom but th...

Post-election scenario in Egypt

2012-06-23 00:07
It’s difficult to make sense of Egypt’s presidential elections given the ascendance of Islamists beyond the widest dream of the most optimists of their supporters. However, it seems as th...

Succession process in Saudi Arabia

2012-06-23 00:12
For 37 years, the late Prince Naif ran the Ministry of Interior, along with assuming the charge recently as the crown prince. Over these years, he gained extensive experience in state and security aff...

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