The power of social laws over civil laws

2012-10-15 03:13
I THINK NEARLY everybody in Saudi Arabia have asked themselves at one time or another why Saudis tend to behave differently while traveling abroad. They adhere more to traffic laws and regulations, th...

Saudi Arabia and Syrian revolution

2012-10-15 03:12
It is clear that Saudi Arabia has dissociated itself and washed its hands of the current leadership of the Syrian regime. It is also clear that such dissociation is irreversible and that Riyadh is not...

Saudis without citizenship: How much longer?

2012-10-15 03:11
LIVING AMONG us are Saudi citizens by birth, upbringing and education. They are Saudis in their hearts and minds, and some even have Saudi mothers. They are Saudis who are Muslims and speak the local...

Teachers in Saudi Arabia: Purveyors of our bright future

2012-10-15 03:12
ALTHOUGH TEACHER’S DAY in Saudi Arabia isn’t unit Feb. 28, the principle behind this international movement to recognize teachers deserve some reflection at any time of year. The social importance of...

Hezbollah’s support for Assad puts Lebanon at risk

2012-09-15 03:08
HEZBOLLAH’S increasingly visible support for President Bashar Assad and its latest military challenge to Israel has put the group on a collision course with domestic opponents who accuse it of draggin...

Is discontent with our world a disease?

2012-10-15 03:10
MORE AND MORE people are suffering from disorders that frequently require medication or therapy. Many children are being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Opposition...

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