‘War crimes’ wrangle ignores Lankan Tamils’ challenge to India

2013-04-29 03:07
Some five weeks after the foreign policy fiasco on the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – which earned the Congress-led UPA government...

Paying the price for democracy

2013-04-29 03:07
The worst fears of political commentators and political parties taking part in Pakistan’s historic general elections are, unfortunately, coming true. During the past one week, various cities in...

Salvaging the innocence of childhood from armed conflict

2013-04-29 03:06
All of us have at some point of time been witness to much publicized conflict zone photograph and video footage of an under-aged boy or girl posing for the camera even as the child struggles to manage...

New numerology of hate grows in Myanmar

2013-04-29 03:00
Wrapped in a saffron robe, Buddhist monk Wirathu insists he is a man of peace. Never mind his nine years in prison for inciting deadly violence against Muslims. Never mind the gruesome photos outside...

The highly mobile madness

2013-04-29 03:05
Do you know there was life on the planet before mobile phones? We survived the day. Now, we sit on planes and tell the world we are about to close doors, take off, arrive, get off, what is wrong with...

Iranian pincers: From Anbar to Al-Qaseer

2013-04-28 03:09
In Anbar province, where the rebellion against the government of Nuri Al-Maliki is spreading, one wonders why was it allowed to snowball into a big battle when it could have easily been resolved polit...

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