Kuwait: Who is the authority?

2012-11-14 03:15
When talking about political crisis in Kuwait you feel as if you are in Lebanon. Whenever you look for a solution, you go into more complex labyrinths. One reason for the complexity lies in the fact...

A game changer in Syria?

2012-11-14 03:14
The coming few days will be decisive in determining the effect of the newly formed coalition of anti-government opposition and revolutionary forces on the future of the Syrian regime and the armed upr...

What’s happening on Africa’s western front?

2012-11-14 03:13
A world replete with crises is focusing its attention on a new place, Mali. The strategically located West African country is attracting attention for a lot of reasons: The central government is disin...

GCC and Malaysia move toward a sustainable economic partnership

2012-11-14 03:12
Bad economic news and pessimistic forecasts for growth overshadowed the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank held in Tokyo recently. • World economy will continue...

Election over, US cautiously mulls Syria options

2012-11-14 03:10
WITH the US election over and Syria’s civil war growing bloodier and spreading, the Obama administration is quietly re-examining its options for involvement in the conflict.Whether that will lead to a...

Despite Obama plea, Palestinians forge ahead with UN upgrade bid

2012-11-14 03:09
PALESTINIANS will not succumb to United States President Barak Obama’s request to postpone their United Nations bid and will ask members the UN’s General Assembly to vote on a resolution to upgrade th...

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