Entrepreneurship: Challenges and opportunities

2013-02-11 03:05
A few years ago I was about to start a new business. I had spent a few months studying the market, preparing a business plan, but before all that, developing a dream. The idea then seemed to have pros...

Creating our future

2013-02-11 03:05
Last week, one of my best friends presented me with a valuable and insightful book as a gift. The book was by Oxford University lecturer Eugene Rogan, in which he was delving deeply in old Arabic sour...

What an odd battle: Rahul vs Modi!

2013-02-11 03:05
There is still around a year to go for the scheduled parliamentary polls, and the country is already buzzing about this contest being fought mainly between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Politically...

Muslims need to choose their battles carefully

2013-02-11 03:05
Sometime back in these columns I had argued that if Islam were to sue for libel, many of its followers would find themselves in the dock. No faith has suffered as much as it has at the hands of its ow...

Assad is surviving thanks to Iran and Russia

2013-02-11 03:08
I read Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki’s statements to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper more than once because he addressed sensitive issues very frankly. It is not often that politicians open up t...

Murder mystery in Tunisia

2013-02-11 03:10
When somebody is murdered and his killer is unknown, the detective’s first step is to ask: Who had a motive? In classic murder-mystery novels and films, the usual answer was: Almost everybody. T...

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