King’s move averts showdown in Jordan

2012-09-05 03:15
BY intervening late Sunday and ordering Prime Minister Dr. Fayez Tarawneh to freeze an earlier decision to hike the prices of fuel products, King Abdallah of Jordan averted a political showdown that t...

Indian women still face extreme discrimination

2012-09-05 03:12
DESPITE India being well known for having taken the lead in giving greater importance to women in politics than even the Western nations, there is no denying that women in the country still remain pol...

Europe feels heat as Syrian refugees trickle in

2012-09-05 03:11
ALI Jamal traveled thousands of miles on foot, by train and road to flee violence in Syria while Jomaah piled his family into a camper van to smuggle them north to Europe. They have now reached safet...

Merkel’s smart move leaves opponents groping for issues

2012-09-05 03:09
BILL Clinton may have been the first to use a strategy of “triangulation” to win an election, co-opting policies of his Republican rivals to win a second term as president in 1996. But it...

Children bear brunt of Syrian regime’s airstrikes in Aleppo

2012-09-05 03:10
THE bodies of seven children lie under fly-ridden blankets in the back of a yellow pick-up outside an Aleppo hospital, the latest victims of government airstrikes on Syria’s second city....

Mursi wins many hearts for blasting Syria regime

2012-09-04 03:12
EGYPTIAN President Muhammad Mursi’s international debut made its biggest splash at home. After he publicly denounced Syria’s regime while being hosted by Damascus’ top ally Iran, Egy...

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