Cultural eating habits and the food industry: Are they to blame?

2013-03-25 03:05
Today, I recieved for what must be the umpteenth time, a text message advertising a new amazing bakery in Jeddah. It truly has become a phenomenon; women start baking at home, become good at it and so...

How do I deal with you when honesty, clarity don’t work?

2013-03-25 03:00
I asked you with utmost honesty and clarity, and with confidence and good faith. I told you not worry about my reaction when you answered honestly and sincerely, even if you shocked me or hurt me...

The kerfuffle over wearing foreign clothing

2013-03-25 03:02
Last week President Barack Obama visited Israel’s Hall of Remembrance while on his Middle East tour. During his visit he wore the Jewish kippa on his head as a sign of respect. It was an appropr...

Scholarship students and the key to excellence

2013-03-25 03:02
I can honestly claim that I have extensive experience in studying abroad under different circumstances: I have lived there studying at my own expense with limited resources, as a scholarship student a...

Riyadh’s unending rush hour

2013-03-25 03:03
Last week, I drove from the Eastern Province to Riyadh. Driving was very comfortable and can be time-saving compared to flying. If you need to fly, then you must buy a ticket, drive to the airport, f...

Politics of Israeli apology

2013-03-25 03:05
President Barack Obama’s constant prodding that Israel should apologize to Turkey for the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010 paid off during his most recent visit to the region. After some hesitation...

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