Society must show compassion toward female ex-prisoners

2013-03-07 05:17
IF THERE is any doubt that women will make an impact as members of the Shoura Council, then we need to look no further than recent comments made by female council members during a session that discuss...

Bhandara case shows helplessness of Indian women

2013-03-07 04:15
THE horrendous manner in which girls are being abused, molested, raped and murdered almost every other day begs the question, have we become helpless before such criminals? Little girls, who have not...

Egypt and the IMF loan

2013-03-07 05:12
THE Egyptian government finalized a rescue austerity plan designed to qualify for the long-awaited US $ 4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but the scheme seems unlikely to in...

Creative Thinking: Irresponsible behavior

2013-03-07 07:38
A TRIVIAL incident gave me some more “food” for thought. While riding in the car, I recently saw some stuff fly out of the automobile in front of mine and drop on the pavement. I took the...

Double whammy

2013-03-06 03:11
Wednesday turned out to be a very bad day for Saudi football. Both teams that competed in the Crown Prince’s Cup final lost badly — Hilal in the Asian Champions League and Nassr in the Ara...

Assad’s recent lie: I am the last bastion of secularism

2013-03-06 03:10
DURING his interview with the British daily, the Sunday Times, embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad attempted to provoke Arabs’ fears and stir their emotions. He claimed that Arabs had two op...

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