Saudi Press Roundup

Cairo DeclarationThe Arab region is currently simmering and there does not seem to be any possibility of its cooling down in the foreseeable future.

For Palestinians under occupation, a life of despair

Pity the people of Palestine who continue to live lives of despair under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, for the kind of despair they feel is not your garden variety sense of depression and hope

Learning to pay more for gasoline

The move by the United Arab Emirates to raise the price of gasoline at the pump by 24 percent from Aug. 1 was a brave one and is a sign of the times.

Polio’s last stand

It has been a tough year for Nigeria. In the last 12 months, the country has suffered attacks by child suicide bombers and brutal massacres by Boko Haram.

MH370 still a mystery

The discovery of the 6 ft long flaperon washed up on the coast of Reunion Island does not solve the mystery behind the disappearance of MH Flight 370 some sixteen months ago.

Iran agreement’s N. Korean shadow on

It didn’t take long, but, according to the Korea Central News Agency, the North Koreans are underwhelmed by the Iran nuclear deal, and thus unlikely to follow suit.

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