A clash of values

Russian authorities recently threatened to aim nuclear missiles at Danish warships if Denmark joins NATO’s missile-defense system.

Where is Europe’s humanity?

It’s déjà vu all over again with yet another Mediterranean boat tragedy being reported this week. Nearly a thousand people died in quest for a new life.

Devout Tajiks feeling secularist heat

Rustam Gulov was walking in Khudzhand, a city in Central Asia’s Tajikistan, when police detained him and took him to the station.

The European dilemma

Ask any African why is he in Europe. His reply would be: The Africans are in Europe because the Europeans were in Africa.

Understanding Iran’s tactics

In the early days of my postgraduate university studies in London, I had a decent and frank Bahraini friend and colleague; he was a cultured and diligent researcher.

Neutralizing a potential threat

On Wednesday night, a military spokesman in Riyadh announced the end of the first phase of the operation “Decisive Storm.”

The second coming of Rahul

Call it the second coming of Rahul Gandhi.

Making 2015 Earth Year

On April 22, the world will mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, established in 1970 to draw attention to environmental challenges.

Time to crush IS together

In his television interview with Fox News on April 13, King Abdallah of Jordan revealed that his country is now the only Arab member of the US-led international coalition that is bombing the Islamic S

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