A dangerous call!

The call on Israelis to carry weapons in the street cannot be riskier. Some would even argue that such a call is an open invitation for more unnecessary killing.

Confronting Russia? It’s now too late

Recent American press reports are full of opinions stating that the current American administration’s way of dealing with the Syrian crisis has been wrong since the beginning.

India’s ambivalence on terrorism

Addressing a gathering of Indian-Americans at San Jose’s SAP Center during his recent visit to America, Indian Premier Narendra Modi criticized the United Nations (UN) for failing to define terrorism.

Clinton will not be Obama

As Barack Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton loyally carried out his agenda, but since mounting her presidential bid she has split with the White House on several key issues, including global

American-Russian face-off over Syria

Against the crimson backdrop of the blasts in Ankara with a death toll crossing 100 and the Israeli killing of women and children near the Gaza border fence there comes the news of a Russian air offen

The art of self-disruption

In an investors’ meeting in Detroit, General Motors CEO Mary Barra admitted the company is facing disrupting elements from outside the industry.

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