Western fatigue and the Gaza crisis

The latest maniacal rampage of Israel in Gaza has unfolded not just against the background of the abortive US-led peace talks but also of an egregious outpouring of Zionist self-congratulation.

It is time for serious introspection

When the sun comes up, it is normal for kids to go out and play on the beach.

Question of observing Ramadan in Iceland

Iceland is a country the size of the American state, Kentucky, or about 40,000 sq. miles and considered one of the least populated countries of the world.

Spending time with kids

We are going through the last 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadan. I pray to God to accept our fasts, prayers and other acts of worship and shower His blessings on us all.

The death of political morality

Politics and morals do not go together; political morality is dead. Or if Machiavelli is to be believed, “politics has no relation to morals” in the first place.

Assad’s delusions of grandeur

Syrian President Bashar Assad sworn in a few days ago for a third seven-year term. Far from being victorious, Assad has not yet won the civil war taking place in Syrian.

Afghan poll crisis offers scope for Indo-Pak ties

The crisis surrounding the results of the recently held presidential polls in Afghanistan has once again exposed the gaping political deficit that South Asia is faced with perennially.

The color of confidence

What is this thing women have with color and why do men have to be dispatched on these hazardous missions to match the blouse to the sari or the used up favorite nail polish and carry little strips of

Saudi Press Roundup

Impact of labor policies

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