Politics of the Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has frequently been called “the world’s most prestigious prize.” Some have nevertheless criticized it for being too political.

Abu Sayyaf’s kidnapping spree

The release of the two German nationals by the Abu Sayyaf after the reported payment of $5.56 million in ransom on Oct.

No mercy for terrorists

I used to try to understand the mentality of human beings who turn into monsters whose goal in life is to bomb, torture and rape innocents to achieve their political or ideological aims.

Diminishing benefits for OFWs

A controversy over the forthcoming integration of airport terminal fees in all air tickets to be purchased by passengers bound for or departing from the Philippines lays bare continued threats to bene

Kabul faces an uphill battle

Having served 13 years fighting militants in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, British troops departed for home on Sunday, leaving Afghan national forces to take over the security responsibilit

Understanding Saudi demography

Few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the C3 Arab-US Business Summit and Saudi-US Commerce. However, due to some reasons, I was unable to attend the event.

Expat-friendly policies must for progress

A report has come out that should be good news for dependents of expats: Dependents can now work for private businesses without transferring their Iqamas.

Integrating people with special needs in society

The Kingdom will soon start implementation of a program to facilitate people with special needs.

Of bad bosses and workers’ productivity

He looked completely different from what I remember from our last meeting just a few weeks ago. He appeared pale and thinner and the glows in his eyes had dimmed.

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