Want to be someone

You ever woken up one morning and wanted to be someone.

3445 jobs up for grabs

Next month, 2.5 million jobless Saudis will have a big chance to compete for 3445 jobs. Oh yes!

Arab News turns 39

Today we are celebrating the 39th anniversary of Arab News, the first English-language newspaper in Saudi Arabia that was published in the early stages of the oil and economic boom.

Arab News: A turning point for Saudi media

After the start of the Saudi economic boom in 1973, there was an influx of expatriates into the Kingdom. They came from many different countries and spoke different languages.

Human rights versus commercial interests

British envoy to India Sir James Bevan’s politically significant decision to travel to Nagpur on Election Day in an apparent bid to enlighten himself to the nuances of voting system in the world’s

Musharraf case tests civil-military ties

Times change, people change but acrimony in some relationships seems to last forever. A similar case is true for the turbulent relationship between the civil and military relationship in Pakistan.

Algeria faces uncertain future

Despite health problems and the fact that ailing Abdelaziz Bouteflika is confined to a wheelchair, he won a fourth term in the presidential elections conducted last week.

Truth behind ‘charity’ work

It is ironic that the regulator of charitable societies in the UK has now become aware of the hazards of activities carried out in the garb of “charity.” Many elements are using such noble fronts

GCC-Jordan strategic relations defy the odds

I write this week from Amman, Jordan, where a high-level team of officials and experts met to explore new avenues for cooperation on trade and investment.

Importance of recognizing the red lines for stability

One of the pleasures of living in the West is that one doesn’t have to be bothered with bad news.

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