Need for OFW-friendly policies

Compassion, like hope, cannot be manufactured. A person either has compassion or none at all. The lack of it is defined by compassion’s antonym: Indifference.

From Dhahran to Las Vegas

Before I write about what happened in Las Vegas, let me first tell you about Dhahran Toastmasters.

Diversifying economy for sustainable progress

Whenever the oil market stumbles, blood freezes in the veins of the Saudi economy. After all, oil accounts for more than 90 percent of our country’s revenue.

Local election to break stereotypes

The historic decision we are about to celebrate soon has saved us tens of years of effort and money to take Saudi Arabia to the highest ranks among the comity of nations.

The future is old

The aging of our societies is one of the greatest success stories of the 20th century. More than three decades have been added to the lives of hundreds of millions of people over the last 100 years.

Justice done to death

Six years late, the unpublished report of the Chilcot Inquiry into British involvement in the Iraq war is a growing national scandal.

Ousting Assad must to defeat Daesh

The United States has once again reaffirmed its position with regard to the Syrian conflict.

Lankans vote for stability

As former president and prime ministerial candidate of the opposition UPF Alliance, Mahinda Rajapaksa conceded defeat after a closely-fought parliamentary election in Sri Lanka, the Indian strategic s

Caring for people with special needs

A dear friend of mine has a disability that often requires that she use a wheelchair to get around.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Hard work pays off

After fours years of hard work and after having experienced various ups and downs and sleepless night, I am almost through with my Ph.D.

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