Other Side of the Mirror: The new doctors

They are the new doctors. Held in the greatest of reverence. We need them more than any MD.

Remembering the ‘thief’ executive

Amid the plethora of left-field cultural interventions that indicated some Americans were less than thrilled by the presidency of George W.

Ebola highlights growing global virus threat

LIKE the Spanish flu, polio, AIDS, and SARS before it, Ebola has erupted from seemingly nowhere to claim lives and sow fear of a catastrophic global outbreak.

Modi is facing new challenges

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing two challenges — one from within, which cropped up this month and the other from outside which will be in the third week of this month.

Responding to Ebola

The horrific Ebola epidemic in at least four West African countries (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria) demands not only an emergency response to halt the outbreak, it also calls for re-think

So what’s the new Indo-Pak equation?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi deflected from the importance of the scheduled Indo-Pak foreign secretary talks by resetting the parameters of the relationship between two neighbors who have not b

China crackdown is biting elite

China’s big spenders are reining in overt shows of wealth, shelving shopping trips in Hong Kong and Macau in the face of the Communist Party’s anti-corruption and frugality drive, analysts say.

Can Priyanka revive Congress?

Priyanka Gandhi has dismissed reports about her taking an active political role to revive Congress’ sagging fortunes as “baseless rumors” and “conjecture.”

Poor tie-ups with western institutions

A recent kerfuffle over the global ranking of King Abdulaziz University for having a large number of highly cited researchers spotlights not a 'manipulation of numbers' scandal as implied by some acad

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