Checks: Becoming things of the past

Checks are dying out, a report says. This is a tragic loss of an ancient Asian invention — so I learned from the new Museum of Accountancy in India.

Conflating terrorism with religion

There is a new book published on the world’s religions that ought to give Muslims pause.

Signs of thaw in Sino-Japanese ties

Given that the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum account for some 54 percent of global GDP and about 44 percent of world trade, the agenda for this month’s APEC summit should b

Obama’s nightmare comes true

With sweeping victories that exceeded their own sky-high expectations, Republicans have dealt President Barack Obama and Democrats the most devastating electoral defeat of his presidency.

Can Modi help the BJP conquer Delhi?

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is confident of repeating its stellar performance in the just-concluded assembly polls in Maharashtra and Haryana in the two more poll-bound states, Jammu and K

Progress at the expense of wildlife

The World Wildlife Fund’s recently published Living Planet Report 2014 brings some alarming news: Wildlife numbers have halved over the last four decades.

Removing irritants is a must to end conflict

A few hundred yards away from where I live, stands a huge blue and yellow building with four letters written on the simple façade, IKEA.

Temporary relief to OFWs

A coalition composed of civil society groups and advocates for migrant workers’ rights known as #Noto550 rejoiced over the grant of a temporary restraining order by Pasay City Judge Tingraan Guiling o

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