‘Insha Allah’ — please don’t fear this phrase!

Whenever I was asked by some non-Arab friends or co-workers to do something for them, I would say, “Insha Allah,” which means I’d be happy to.

Health professionals suffering in silence

My previous article highlighted the need for revisiting the criterion for selection of students at medical schools.

Iranian strategy in the Middle East

AMID the widely spread perception that the United State is slowly but surely disengaging from the Middle East, Iranian leaders are grappling with formulating a strategy to benefit from such eventualit

Time for Arabs to act

Certain quarters had already issued warning about Yemen being on the brink of a civil war.

US’ moral authority over HR in question

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the United States image as the champion of human rights in the world is beginning to change.

The tall, upright son of the desert

In his book titled “The Kingdom,” British journalist Robert Lacey has described Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman as “the tall, upright son of the desert.”

Victim of a ‘great game’

Nigeria is a collateral victim of fierce strategic rivalry, caught in a vortex of violence and despair like Sri Lanka where myriad spy agencies had interloped.

The rising power

It is not often that I get to wear two hats at once. But that is exactly what happened earlier this month, when I spent a few days in New Delhi.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Quest for perfection

IT HAS been yet another hectic week. Juggling between one’s studies and domestic responsibilities with two growing kids is an uphill task.

Bloodthirsty monster

This is with reference to the article “What turned Emwazi into a monster?” (March 8) by Rasheed Abou-Alsamh.

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