The great deception

At the end of a week dominated by news of the “historic deal” over Iran’s nuclear program, a few points are clear. The first is that world public opinion was keen to kick that can down the road.

Polish threat to Europe

Poland has now emerged as the latest European battleground in a contest between two models of democracy — liberal and illiberal.

Building consensus on CPEC

Last year in May, hectic efforts of the Sharif government finally bore fruit when all major political parties in Pakistan reached a consensus over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Key to Lanka’s success

It is not easy for societies riven by internal disagreements or mistrust to draft a democratic constitution, especially to replace the existing one.

Why Africa needs fossil fuels

Africa is the world’s most “renewable” continent when it comes to energy. In the rich world, renewables account for less than a tenth of total energy supplies.

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