Notes from Frankfurt: Of Ice walls and loops!

The car industry’s exuberance in Frankfurt this year was almost irrational. Stock markets are in turmoil, China is seeing the outer limits of its growth and consumer confidence is at very low ebb.

Solving Syria in Security Council

The ongoing bloodletting in Syria is not only the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster by far, but also one of its gravest geopolitical risks.

Trumping of US politics

As Republicans and Democrats go through the long process of selecting a nominee for next year’s presidential election, both parties face the same question.

Fighting dengue

Besides the private hospitals minting money no one else seems to be making any sort of profit from the spread of dengue in Indian capital Delhi.

Greece: All passion spent

Defending his decision to end his rebellion against the EU’s tough terms for bailing out Greek economy, Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras said, “We understood the responsibility to stay alive over choosing

The old-style activism

THE landslide election of the left-wing politician Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s Labour Party last weekend provoked an avalanche of bien pensant opinion.

Sparking a racial debate

Some prominent South Africans have dismissed the discovery of a new human ancestor as a racist theory designed to cast Africans as “subhuman,” an opinion that resonates in a country deeply bruised by

Restoring faith in humanity

The past couple of weeks have been rather traumatic. I found myself hanging between the extremes of hope and despair, often revisiting the long held beliefs and convictions.

Al-Aqsa under mortal threat

It seems, at first blush, unconscionable to be writing today about Palestine in the midst of the refugee calamity, which so far this year involved half a million lost souls — with hundreds of thous

Russians saving Assad from Iran!

A disagreement between Syrian President Bashar Assad and his ally, the Iranian regime, has been on the cards for some time.

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