Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Think before judging others

Last week, Sabah, the iconic Lebanese actress and singer passed away at the age of 87. Sabah had been known for living her life to the fullest.

Taking GCC-Morocco relations to new levels

I write this week from Casablanca, Morocco, where the Fourth GCC-Morocco Investment Forum was held on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 28 and 29).

Reforming Pakistan’s electoral system

As Imran Khan continues to lock horns with the Sharif government, the issue of appointing a new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of Pakistan remains unresolved.

Entry of Hindutva into Kashmir politics

In the backdrop of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) grand ambition to conquer Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, albeit democratically, the ongoing elections to legislative assemblies of

A case of broken promises

Every US president makes promises, and every president breaks promises. The current host of the White House is by no means an exception in breach of promises.

Finding Namo

I love the fact that President Obama is coming to Delhi for the Republic Day parade and it is always a great spectacle and we are, as a nation, a very hospitable people, we even invite strangers sitti

Saudi Press Roundup

Plunging oil prices

Expats are not our enemy

When I read a few weeks ago that that an Indian from the state of Kerala had been arrested in Jeddah for illegally running a vegetable and fruit selling business worth SR5 million, I did not breathe a

America’s Middle East challenges

The potential gains from reorienting American foreign policy toward the Asia-Pacific region were fully evident in November.

Deeming only fair lovely totally unfair

Maria is a pretty girl,What you call a bit of awright,In the shadows, you ken seeShe’d almost pass for wite (sic)

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