So much for Iranian plans

There is nothing strange in Iran and its allies being the only ones who are standing with the Houthis, while it is the rest of the world that is standing against their rebellion and coup in Yemen.

A war to achieve peace

The response of regional and foreign leaders over the war in Yemen is beyond expectations.

Houthis paying the price for deceit

The sadness in the eyes of Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassine said it all in the BBC interview he gave on Friday saying that the Saudi bombing of his country was necessary to stop the advance of the

Northeast Asia’s shared destiny

When the foreign ministers of China, South Korea, and Japan convened in Seoul last week to discuss potential cooperation on a range of issues, from counterterrorism to air pollution, it was the first

Saudi Press Roundup

Middle East rescued

Do your bit

Yesterday was Earth Day. what did you do?For an hour out of 8,760 in the year. Switch off the lights and feel good and smug and so pious and responsible.

Pulling Yemen back from the abyss

Just a few hours before a Saudi Arabia-led coalition of 10 countries launched an offensive against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, I was aboard a flight to the United States capital, Washington.

Extremism: The bigger picture

Now 95, Lord George Weidenfeld has lived through tumultuous world events while building up a renowned London publishing house. In British cultural life he occupies the status of venerable sage.

Death and hope on the high seas

Sharks and their cousins, the rays, predate the dinosaurs.

Rekindling Yemenis’ hopes

I had written an article analyzing the ongoing situation in Yemen. I had stated that the current turmoil in the impoverished country would lead to further divisions and a long civil war.

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