Time to end uncertainty

As we witness a surge in young Saudi men and women obtaining free university education abroad thanks to the King Abdullah Scholarship Program, we should also be mindful that not all young people in Sa

Chasm of incomprehension

The phenomenon of young UK Muslim men fleeing their homes to go and wage jihad in Syria is impinging sharply on British national consciousness.

American delusions Down Under

For better or worse, economic-policy debates in the United States are often echoed elsewhere, regardless of whether they are relevant.

Modi sells a dream

With the presentation of its maiden rail budget on Tuesday, the barely 45-day-old government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a sneak peek into its economic vision — a mix of selling dreams t

Pakistan at a crossroads

Despite the passage of over six decades since its emergence on the world map, Pakistan still finds itself at a crossroads. We still remain undecided over the basic principles.

Why terrorists target Saudi Arabia

The recent terror attack on the Yemeni-Saudi border has highlighted yet again that the country is a target because of its powerful economy and strategic position in the Middle East, but also that terr

Food wastage debate hots up

The problem of food wastage in Ramadan has again surfaced in Saudi Arabia.

West Africa’s misguided war on drugs

A recent estimate by the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics that the market for illegal drugs adds $7.6 billion annually to the country’s economy gives a sense of the astonishing scale of

Kuwait: Past and present

One of the members of the GCC, Kuwait is smaller than the size of New Jersey, US.

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