Drought of leadership

Recent media coverage of Thar famine and the response of major political forces in Pakistan once again proves that politics is a dirty game.

Fashion: Decoding a $12bn industry

It could be hard for many of us, men, to tell what the difference is between this dress and that.

The Other Side of the Mirror: Right way to leave

One of the very common realization in expat lives is centered on figuring out that the grass is not that green on the other side of the fence.

BJP: Fascism in the garb of patriotism

Politics over appropriation of patriotism is going on in full swing in India, currently gripped by high election fever.

Saudi Press Roundup

KSA and the eastern giant

Afghanistan: Mission not accomplished

British Prime Minister David Cameron rambled a bit on his visit to Afghanistan last December, but ended up sounding just as deluded as US President George W.

Where is Flight 370?

Do you get the feeling that Flight 370 has literally fallen off the radar?

Smile! You’re on Saher camera

Moving to Brazil five years ago, one thing that I had to get used to were the speed cameras installed throughout the city of Brasilia.

Oil market adjusting to troubles

Despite the worldwide political tension, the international oil market seems to be at ease thanks to increasing supplies from inside and outside OPEC.

In the car industry, reputation is everything

KEN SEARLE, a British car salesman, retired this month after 50 years of service in a Nissan show room during which he sold more than 100,000 cars.

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