ISIL and Boko Haram — two sides of the same coin

Events around the world have proven that extremist ideologies breed terrorism.

India’s Modi moment

A PAIR of senior Israeli ministers recently argued that Jewish settlers who carried out gratuitous attacks on Palestinians should be classified as terrorists.

Middle East is sitting on a powder keg

Unless swift and coordinated action is taken, the region will be overtaken by small but toxic wars that extend from western Iraq to eastern and southern Syria and from northern Sinai to Yemen.

May 15: Nakba or defeat?

A few weeks ago, many people in the Arab world heard a name, Joshua Teitelbaum, an Israeli senior fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Goldman visiting associate professor at

Say no to Modi

This is with reference to the report “India Modi-fied by exit polls” (May 13). It seems that the Hindu right-wing opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is all set to take over India.

Precautions for camel breeders

This is with reference to the report “Camel breeders told to take precautions” (May 12).

El-Sissi is the right choice

This is with reference to the report “El-Sissi vows Egypt progress in 2 year” (May 13). I strongly believe that El-Sissi is the right person to rule Egypt.

A good read

I enjoyed reading Linda Heard’s article “Widening cracks in US-Israeli relations” (May 13). I totally agree with the views of the writer.

Year in review: Sharif does a decent job

When Nawaz Sharif won Pakistan’s historic May 12 general elections, he was well aware of the huge challenges that confronted his newly formed government.

Terror versus diplomacy

On Tuesday, Jordan’s kidnapped Ambassador Mohammed Itan made it home after being in captivity for the past few weeks.

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