On oil-water nexus

In addition to the conventional energy market issues, mainly oil, related to price and production, the industry seems to be gearing for a new worry — how to handle the oil-water nexus.

Between hope and history

As it braces for its upcoming presidential election, Afghanistan finds itself at another critical juncture, with its unity and territorial integrity at stake after 35 years of relentless war.

Time to promote public transport

Decent, reliable and affordable public transportation has become a pressing issue for countries worldwide.

Women’s safety: India undecided

If the candlelight vigils and furor that gripped India in the past year were anything to go by, one would think the cause of women’s safety would top the agenda of every political party.

Saudi Press Roundup

The right man in the right place

Migration myth

Reports of boat people failing to make it to their perceived heaven have been so frequent in the last couple of years that they don’t make headline news even when the number of dead exceeds 100.

Arab unity: Much more needs to be done

The theme of the recent Arab League meet held in Kuwait was solidarity.

Can social media be silenced?

All those who believe that today’s world is a freer place, with democratic ideals firmly rooted in the society, need to think again. This world is far from being liberated and tolerant.

Modi set to get taste of his own medicine

The real political drama within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) all set to take reins of the next government is yet to begin.

Creative Thinking: Unfair judgment

I was recently on a flight from Dubai back to Riyadh. I had just settled down comfortably when I felt my seat being shaken up by an abrupt movement coming from somewhere.

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