A national dishonor

Three Africans attacked in New Delhi by a racist mob. For no good reason. Dark skin be damned. We are bigots.

Modi’s make-or-break game

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious “Make in India” (MII) campaign is not only expected to revive the country’s tottering manufacturing sector but also put India back into double digit growth.

US-Asia ties amid ME chaos

A military agreement with the Philippines and easing an arms embargo against Vietnam show the Obama administration wants deeper security ties with Asia, even as turmoil in the Mideast has undermined i

Coexistence of disparate ideas

The biblical story of Saul finding his kingdom by chance while searching for his father’s lost donkeys offers an important lesson for scientists.

Obama’s misreading of Mideast situation

If you watched US President Barack Obama as he delivered his speech at the United Nations last week, in which he outlined his country’s plans to combat and finally defeat the self-ascribed Islamic Sta

Selfie gone too far?

I was delighted to read the article “Say no to Haj selfie!” this week in this newspaper, about the increasing habit of pilgrims taking pictures of themselves praying or just posing in Makkah, Madinah

Caucasus needs a unified approach

The Caucasus is among the world’s most divided and incoherent regions.

Buffer zone in ME can help save lives

Keeping in view the current turmoil that the Middle East has plunged into it is imperative to take drastic but simultaneous actions to control the situation and restore peace to this region.

Back to square one

If I could choose between the two rhetorical gladiators, I would rather have Mahmoud Abbas representing Israel and Netanyahu representing the other side.

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