More electricity providers please!

I heard a story, which Google could not help me confirm, about a power blackout in Sweden.

Inspections under way with amnesty over

Nov. 3 was the last chance for illegal expat workers to rectify their status to remain in the Kingdom.What went on during the last few months?

India walks a tightrope as Maldives policy in disarray

As the political atmosphere in Maldives gets murkier day by day, India appears to have been caught in a bind completely.

Other Side of the Mirror: A round trip on AdAir please

The one airline that I have never flown is Ad Airwavs. It is out there somewhere but I never get that flight.

Tapping potential of youth in Pakistan

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once famously remarked that the world’s young citizens should drive global innovation and change.

A breakdown in trust

Forget the privileges that come with being a big power or a self-styled leader of the free world. Consider instead the pitfalls.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: My first driving lesson

The issue of the women driving is amusingly one of the hot topics in Saudi Arabia.

Mideast talks: Little cause for optimism

US Secretary of State John Kerry has brought Israelis and Palestinians to the peace table. But are they any closer to peace?

Bahrain: Is another Iraq in the making?

All evidence points to the fact that the theory of “constructive chaos” is at work in Bahrain.

Al-Maliki under fire for stoking sectarian rift

IRAQ’s Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki met with President Barack Obama on Nov.1 seeking additional military aid.

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