Gaza’s ruined homes and a brutal winter storm

Living by candlelight with no electricity and reliant on sandbags to stop their ruined homes flooding, Gazans who survived last year’s war are now struggling with a brutal winter storm.

Demonizing Muslims won’t help

By dressing up “militants” as Muslims wearing skullcaps in a mock anti-terror drill, Indian police exposed not only communal mentality but low IQ and poor general knowledge negating Prime Minister Nar

Corruption behind all conflicts

A retrospective look at the conflicts dominating the headlines in 2014 presents a grim picture of escalating conflict and human suffering.

Menace of rote learning

Most of the educational process, in our case, is based on rote learning. Therefore, the SR80 billion education development project should be questioned.

On ‘Islamization’ of Germany

It is not difficult to describe the situation in Germany; there are bad Muslims and bad Germans.

Failing the Palestinians

Was there any logic, or perhaps some hidden strategy, behind the PLO’s maneuvers at the UN Security Council last week?

Raising the bogey of LTTE

Nearly six years after Sri Lanka’s army destroyed the Tamil Tigers, their ghosts are haunting a bitterly fought presidential election as the embattled incumbent seeks to boost his share of the vote.

Negative trend in Indian polity

Indian politics is experiencing a dangerous trend: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Congress locking horns over an alleged “terror boat,” which reportedly originated from Pak

Going round in circles

Even in the 68th year of its existence, Pakistan seems rudderless unsure whether to be a genuine democracy or continue to remain a pseudo-military state.

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