Modi’s big bash still to come

Here we go again. In the UK they are rushing for the bus, the tube and the queue to join the Welcome Partners, organizers and sponsors for Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Wembley address on Nov 13.

Hubris puts Iran in danger

Who was waiting in ambush for whom?

Indo-Pak relations: Politics of cricket

With its pockets full and spilling over the mighty BCCI does not have to play Pakistan in cricket at any venue at any time and we all know that.

Leaving our children nothing

Our generation has a unique opportunity.

Oiling the economy wheels

This refers to the news report “Tourism could replace oil as main source of revenue.” (Oct. 1)

Cleanliness must

It is painful to learn that some localities in an important city like Jeddah are constantly submerged virtually under the overflow sewage water. (“Sewage water floods Jeddah streets,” Oct. 3)

Putin’s crooked road to Damascus

When Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Sept.

Abdel Nasser and I

Forty-five years ago Gamal Abdel Nasser died at the early age of 52. It is not an event of the past. It continues to have a huge influence on the present, and probably will on the future.

NATO, the US and a Marxist ally

The equilibrium between US and USSR was compromised after the WW-II; the manufacture by the USSR of its own atom bomb being the final straw for the US.

Modi in America: Time for reality check

Another foreign trip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just ended, this time to the US with a 5-hour stopover in Ireland en-route for a working visit, and this time again the same political ruckus h

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