Waging a war against cancer

More than four decades ago, US President Richard Nixon, inspired by early and encouraging results that showed that chemotherapy could cure diseases such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Hodgkin’s l

Truth about the Centcom hack

Responsible media reported that the IS hackers briefly took over the Twitter account of US Central Command (Centcom) on Jan. 12.

Power of the ordinary

In the right light and at the right time, reasoned Wendy Magruder, everything is extraordinary. So what turns ordinary into extraordinary?

Between a rock and a hard place

To privatize or not to privatize? This is the dilemma facing the Pakistan government.

Editorial: Building biometric defenses significant

That cheaper air travel and the Internet have made the world a smaller place cannot be in dispute. Yet, our smaller world has generated new dangers that have had to be confronted.

Murder boosts Jordan support for IS fight

The burning alive of a Jordanian pilot by the IS group has shocked and angered Jordanians, uniting them behind their government’s vow to intensify its military action against the militants.

Restive India

Ever since the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government under the patronage of the Hindu right wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has come into power, India has been witness to a growing restivene

Depth of malaise

We condemn the ugly crime committed by the terrorist group that calls itself Islamic State, which has burned alive the Jordanian pilot, Lt.

Choosing McCain to address Saudis

The delegation that recently accompanied US President Barack Obama on his recent visit to the Kingdom was an interesting mix of people with opposing viewpoints over different regional and global issue

Of conspiracy theories

Observers may recall the mini-Iranian Spring that took place in Tehran in the early 1950s. Mohammad Mosaddegh, who went on to become the prime minister of his country, led the mini-revolution.

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