Hard wisdom for scarce water

In California, residential consumers are being fined for wasting water. The goal is to combat a severe drought by reducing residential consumption by 20 percent.

A million mutinies among the believers

In a tribute to the inimitable Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on his 10th death anniversary last week (Nov.

India-Pakistan relations on ice

So Prime Minister Modi officially snubbed Nawaz Sharif at the SAARC conference by keeping his hands fisted and then reading a pamphlet in what was not even a disguised indication that he wasn’t going

Europe must act responsibly

In the showdown with Russia over Ukraine, the weaknesses and divisions in European policy have been as encouraging for Russian President Vladimir Putin as America’s hesitant approach to Syria was.

Editorial: 5-year iqama plan: A very wise move

Though they can often be frustrating, the rules laid down by bureaucracy generally serve some purpose. “Red tape” is an easy target for critics, not least in the media.

Prisoners of the past

This is with reference to the article by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim (Nov. 26) “Fact… Columbus did not discover America.”

Housing woes

I read with great interest the article “Homeowners crave for quality finish” (Nov. 24) by Sabria S. Jawhar. I think the writer has raised an important issue.

Shocking statement

This week the statement of the former chief of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, Syed Munawwar Hassan, left the sane elements in the country in a state of shock.

E-cigarettes can help people quit smoking!

Michael Russell and Murray Jarvik, two pioneers of smoking-cessation research in the 1970s, would probably have welcomed the development of the electronic cigarette or “personal nicotine vaporizer” (P

What really happened in Kiev?

This is what former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, subsequently driven from office by mass protests in Kiev, said to German Chancellor Angela Merkel just one year ago, at the start of the cris

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