Nobody killed the Congress

The jury met in New Delhi on May 19. Its single-point objective was to investigate the bloodbath caused by the just-concluded Indian elections in the Indian National Congress.

Renewed call on OPEC

Once again the world looks around and calls on OPEC to be ready and pump more oil to compensate for possible supply shortage and ease the tight market, thus confirming its position as supplier of last

Schools need to look at causes of vandalism

Two videos have gone viral in recent days that don’t bode well for us folks about to place our country’s future in the hands of the next generation.

Will India’s Modi resist the lure of nationalism

Nationalism is in vogue in the world’s largest states.

Wilders: Dutch politics at an all-time low

The Netherlands is one of those few western countries, which has long and direct ties with the Muslim world. It had colonized Indonesia that has the largest Muslim population in the world.

Journalism’s failure is society’s loss

Journalists play a powerful role in shaping public opinion and, therefore, have an important responsibility to provide balance, context and nuance in their reporting.

HotSpot: The murky search for MH370

The search has almost come to an end. Without closure.

The Libyan maelstrom

Benghazi has served as the locale for crucial conflicts in the battle for Libya for more than three years now and last Friday it returned to the headlines as a seemingly well-coordinated military forc

Libya’s search for a leader

IT was only a matter of time before someone stepped in to fill the power vacuum in Libya.

Ed Miliband and the curse of Blair

Aspiring to topple the United Kingdom’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government led by Prime Minister David Cameron, the leader of the British Labour Party, Ed Miliband, is immersed in prep

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