KSA: A solid performance

Just recently Fitch upgraded the sovereign rating of Saudi Arabia to AA from AA-, denoting a stable outlook for the Kingdom.

Modi’s mandate for growth

In an impressive exercise in democracy, 800 million eligible voters participated in India’s 16th general election. The new prime minister will be Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Soma tragedy: Time to reform mining sector

Disasters are unpredictable. In the wake of a disaster, people usually tend to think in common, they share common emotions. Turkey is going through such a time now in the wake of the Soma tragedy.

Take the bully by the horns

A recent article in Arab News on the growing violence among Saudi boys and teenagers in schools caught my attention because of the universality of this problem.

Saudi Press Roundup

Jarba in the White House

Minorities in a saffronized India

As India remained glued to the television, while news of a thumping Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) victory in the recently concluded general election spread like wildfire, it seemed that I was witnessin

Political suspense finally ends

The great suspense over the outcome of the mega democratic electoral exercise in India has finally come to an end.

Palestinian unity and Israel

On April 23, delegations representing Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which is dominated by the secular nationalist Fatah party, concluded a unity pact intended to mend the rift

Understanding Nigeria’s problems

The kidnapping of some 200 girls in northern Nigeria has sparked world outrage.

HotSpot: The Modi moment

Anything critical said today goes against the moment of celebration. The BJP has swept the nation and deserves its day in the sun.

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