Assessing India, Lanka N-deal

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent India trip was touted by many as another victory for the Modi government on foreign policy front.

Muslim unity

It is very heartening to read about a flurry of diplomatic activities in Riyadh.

Western media

This is with reference to the article “Ukraine: Caught in the crossfire” (March 1) by Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev.

Promoting SMEs

I read with great interest the article “Banks have to do better” (March 1) by Rasheed Abou-Alsamh. It is true that banks can play a huge role in the economic uplift of a country.

Banks have to do better

I just wrote a few weeks ago about the immense challenges that Saudi entrepreneurs have in obtaining loans to help them start and run their small to medium enterprises, citing the shocking figure of 2

Need for pragmatic approach

Certain regional developments these days give an impression as if the Arab world lacks a clear vision during this tumultuous period.

Ukraine: Caught in the crossfire

THE ongoing turmoil in Ukraine has frequently been compared to the Yugoslav crisis of the early 1990s — and, indeed, there are many similarities.

Employees’ woes

I read with interest the article “Switching jobs” (Feb. 28) by Bikram Vohra. It was a very nice article that beautifully described the dilemma faced by many of us.

Unrest in Maldives

It is really saddening to read about the unrest in Maldives. According to reports, protests erupted in the country over the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Turkish perspective

This is with reference to the article “Understanding Turkey’s stance” by Harun Yahya (Feb. 28). I fully agree with the views expressed by the writer.

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