A reality check on Vision 2025

In a recent meeting of the National Economic Council, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved the ‘Pakistan Vision 2025’ plan, which proposes optimal utilization of country’s resources to achieve sustain

Nonviolence a potent weapon

India is celebrating her 68th year of independence at a critical juncture of time and history.

Scotland’s selfie generation

Young Scots aged 16 and 17 are getting the vote for the first time in Scotland’s independence referendum, but the selfie generation looks set to defy expectations by mostly rejecting separation.

Kurdistan oil game

Two oil tankers Minerva Joy and the United Kalavrvta seem to symbolize the future of Iraq and whether it will remain a unified entity or will break up.

Targeting Yazidis is uncalled for

When Islam arrived north in the Levant from its birthplace in modern-day Saudi Arabia, and then later arrived west in the Iberian Peninsula and east in the Indian Subcontinent, its followers were guid

It’s high time to fight hypocrisy

Sunday 17 August 2014
In the past generation or two, our region has witnessed a rising trend in forced “political correctness.” Tempering confrontation with diplomacy is indeed a responsible approach because it makes l
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A glimmer of hope for Gaza?

With the shaky cease-fires that keep getting extended every 72 hours by both Hamas and the Israelis, the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants have finally been able to breathe a little and attempt to begin

Saudi Press Roundup

Role of masjids

Gaza crisis is linked to Palestine issue

The trouble with war is that it has two sides. Everything would be so much easier if war had only one side. Ours, of course.

Marriage with a riot act

IT IS LIKE the flow of water. Parents have this unqualified desire to see their children’s pursuit of happiness is constant and incessant.

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