ID cards, jobs for Syrian refugees

The announcement by the Turkish labor minister to grant Syrian refugees something more than tents and blankets was a positive one.

Nobody is above the law

Many of us agree that the Saudi judicial system is not always responsive to our needs, especially in the area of domestic issues.

Shaping economic future

Almost a year ago, when Australia assumed the presidency of the G-20, I said that the world needed less talk and more action.

It’s difficult to drive a wedge between Saudis

The horrific terrorist attack that took place on Nov. 3 in the small eastern town of Al-Dalwah was the first known act of communal violence committed in Saudi Arabia since its founding in 1932.

The problem of over-diagnosis

Breast-cancer screening has long been viewed as one of the most important tools for reducing mortality from the disease.

Effectively using ‘dalit’ card

If a tea-seller can become India’s Prime Minister, why can’t a plumber become a minister? Lo and behold! For this is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just done in his Nov.

KSA’s attendance at G-20 lights up Australia’s skies

The night sky in Brisbane, Australia is being lit up with laser pictures of Saudi Arabia’s national flag ahead of the Group of 20 Summit on Nov. 15-16.

Palestinian refugees and the bishop

Whenever I think about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, I always ask myself one simple question: Why is it so agonizing and depressing to talk about the Palestinian refugees?

Hefty price of US-Iran détente

President Barack Obama is not hopeful that a final deal with Iran over its nuclear program will be reached before the Nov. 24 deadline.

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