GCC, Germany seek new strategic horizons

I write this week from Berlin, where I took part in the GCC-Germany Economic and Business Forum.

Is it not time for India, Pakistan to reconcile?

March 23, 1940 is a significant landmark in the history of Indian freedom movement. The destiny of millions of Muslims residing in the Indian subcontinent was changed forever on this day.

All eyes fixed on Kuwait summit

Rifts over foreign policy will likely make it harder for Arab leaders meeting in Kuwait to forge a common stand on regional challenges, including what many of them see as a threat from Iranian-US rapp

Let the honest win

Legend has it that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

10 Things: About Crimea takeover

1. The takeover of Crimea by Russia was the swiftest and smoothest operation in modern history. It just unfolded according to a script. Even India’s annexation of Sikkim was not that easy.

Is Pakistan a soft target for US media?

The relationship between US and Pakistan, supposedly close allies in the war on terror, has always been uneasy.

Another Cold War is unlikely

Cold war jitters are with us again.

Libya on the brink

It looked like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster: The oil tanker Morning Glory, operating under a North Korean flag, loaded with $33.2 million worth of Libyan oil, was intercepted near Cyprus on

Saudi Press Roundup

The threat posed by drugs

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