El-Sissi is the right choice

This is with reference to the report “El-Sissi vows Egypt progress in 2 year” (May 13). I strongly believe that El-Sissi is the right person to rule Egypt.

A good read

I enjoyed reading Linda Heard’s article “Widening cracks in US-Israeli relations” (May 13). I totally agree with the views of the writer.

Year in review: Sharif does a decent job

When Nawaz Sharif won Pakistan’s historic May 12 general elections, he was well aware of the huge challenges that confronted his newly formed government.

Terror versus diplomacy

On Tuesday, Jordan’s kidnapped Ambassador Mohammed Itan made it home after being in captivity for the past few weeks.

Journalist heal thyself

This was sent to me. I don’t know how authentic it is but the content is riveting.

Widening cracks in US-Israeli relations

It wasn’t so long ago that Washington and Tel Aviv had each other’s back unconditionally. While it’s true that there’s always been behind-closed-doors disagreements, but spats were rarely publicized.

A salute to all mothers in the world

Last Sunday, we joined Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, the United States and other countries in celebrating Mother’s Day.

Untold story of Yemen

A CNN news anchor read the news bulletin on May 8, “In Yemen today, the US Embassy is closed to the public.

When helpless children are violated

In one of the photographs — this one particularly poignant — the parents stand together with tormented looks on their faces, holding on to their signs, which proclaimed, “Enough i

Join hands to wipe out militants

This is with reference to the article “Condemnation won’t hurt Boko Haram” (May 12) by Sabria S. Jawhar. I agree with the views expressed by the writer.

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