Electric cars: Give consumers a choice

The absence of electric cars in the GCC region is notable and most obvious in the case of BMW i3.

Arab women are rising

THE stereotype of the Arab woman in the minds of non-Arabs has often been that she is passive, stays at home and financially dependent on men in her life, either a father or husband.

Erdogan at bay

IT’s a “treacherous attack” and a “dirty conspiracy,” claimed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose image as a devout Muslim and an honest man is the key

Pakistan needs a shot of sanity

If there was a Nobel prize for self-contradiction, the Pakistani Taleban would win it hands down.

Saudis’ reluctance to work long hours

This is in response to the report “Long working hours, low salaries keep Saudis away from private sector jobs” (March 1). This is not a healthy sign.

Career counseling is a must

The Saudi authorities should start career planning/ counseling programs for Saudi students.

‘Sanga is Lanka’

Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka’s wicket keeper–batsman completed 12,000 runs (12,422) for Sri Lanka in ODIs during his knock of 67 in the Asia Cup opener against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

‘Interest rate war’ in emerging markets?

During 2009-2011, capital flows were intensively targeting emerging markets, with the advanced economies reducing their interest rates to unprecedentedly low levels and with the quantitative easing

Hotspot: Paswan’s betrayal

Ram Vilas Paswan’s announcement this week of his party’s turnaround took Muslims and all secular Indians by surprise.

Indian political scene heating up

WITH the general elections in India just a few weeks away, the addition of yet another candidate eyeing premiership has set the political landscape on fire.

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