Muslims and extremism: Perception and reality

The other day I was looking for a good visual to go with an article about media perceptions and stereotyping of Muslims.

Freedom spurs growth

Turkey once again made headlines across the world by blocking access to the microblogging site, Twitter, last week.

Dhaval: When humanity ‘derailed’

I am reinforcing my sadness and horror at the callous nature of a young man’s death, which was carried in thewhy.com and deserves to reach every one of you.

Saudi women: What a difference a decade makes

When I left my home in Madinah to live and work in Jeddah shortly after earning my master’s degree, the only thing that my friends talked about was marriage and shopping.

Time to quit blind pursuit of GDP

During a 2008 discussion of the global financial crisis at the London School of Economics, Queen Elizabeth II famously floored a room full of financial heavyweights by asking, “Why did no one see it c

Are you an ethical leader?

Decades of leadership and business scandals have led many to be skeptical that anyone can be an ethical leader.

Between the Lines: Mending bridges in the Arab League

Kuwait hosted an extraordinary Arab League summit at a critical time, with member countries facing serious internal problems and political polarization, not least the potential division of Libya, Iraq

Arab unity: It is now or never!

With the formation of the Arab League in 1945, a dream of the Arab masses came true, as they had been longing for economic and social unity.

Arab League needs overhaul

Regardless of the resolutions that the Arab Summit in Kuwait will adopt on Palestine, Syria, terrorism and economic and social development and others, few in the vast Arab world, and beyond, will take

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