Political awakening of Pakistani women

Do not be misled by the depiction of Pakistani women in popular media. While the thought of Pakistani women may conjure a stereotypical oppressed and burqa-clad image, times are changing fast.

Indians paying price of politicians’ indifference

India, the largest democracy on earth, is in grip of election fever.

Putting on weight is no longer sign of affluence

I still remember in my early teens some of my relatives or neighbors would ask me to accompany them to see their doctors in my hometown of Al-Ahsa.

Moment of truth for the Saudi economy

The amnesty period is over and it is the moment of truth not only for the expatriates who have not been able to rectify their status but also for the officials involved in regulating the market and ab

Unequal access to govt aid hurts the disenfranchised

Last week on “The 8 O’Clock” television show hosted by Dawood Al-Shraiyn, guests included several Saudi women having problems with the Social Affairs Ministry and the Civil Bureau.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Transcribing is not a joke

In one of my previous articles, I remember whining about all the data collection exercises and how asking people to participate in your Ph.D. research feels like begging.

Celebrating global talents at King Fahd Medical City

When the first development plan was announced in 1970, the Kingdom lacked the human resources necessary to carry out the plan. There were very few Saudi college graduates and skilled workers.

China: The flip side of progress

I arrived in Beijing last week to prepare for another round of the GCC-China Strategic Dialogue, which was launched in Beijing in 2010.

Impasse in the Arab world

The more we (Arabs) relied on and trusted in the United States, the more the US failed us, sweet-talked us and — yes, let’s call a spade a spade — betrayed us.

Pitting Nehru against Patel

BJP’s “mentor” L.K.

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