Sycophants and soda water

Sycophancy actually has classic Greek antecedents which makes sense because it is a classic act.

Escaping the revolution

There is a prevailing feeling that Iran wants someone to save it from itself, not from Arabs or the West. Iran’s problem is within Iran itself and not outside its borders.

Cameron once again takes a huge gamble

Do British voters hate foreigners, or merely freeloaders?

Living in a global village

The last few decades of globalization and innovation have resulted in the most rapid progress that the world has ever known. Poverty has been reduced. Life expectancy has increased.

Indian opposition gathering steam

Six months after the Bharatiya Janata Party’s sole poster boy Narendra Modi comprehensively won the April-May general elections and pulped the entire opposition to become the Indian prime minister, th

UAE’s monumental economic success

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrates its 43rd National Day this week, marking not only its independence from Britain but staggering economic, social and political achievements.

Does Tehran really need a nuclear bomb?

The Iranian nuclear program was planned and initiated during the Cold War era.

Living in a right-handed world

When our son was born two years ago, my right-handed wife prayed he would be a lefty because she believed lefties were disproportionately talented.

Judaization of Israel may trigger Intifada

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence on presenting the contentious nationality bill to the Knesset in the coming few days will herald a series of events that will prove detrimental t

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