India, Pakistan remain prisoners of their past

Many Pakistan watchers in India, including those ever hungering after a juicy bone or two to tear into the irksome neighbor, are convinced that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on his way out.

Other Side of the Mirror: Picture yourself but be smart

I know it is fashionable to paste updates of your profile on Facebook and show yourself in resplendent “eat your heart” surroundings though occasionally the reason for the photograph so chosen complet

And now comes Ebola

Here are two good things about the Ebola virus. It is unlikely to mutate into a version that can spread through the air, as some other viruses have done.

North Korea’s Incheon landing

North Koreans relish the element of surprise when they get to choose the stage and command the theatrics.

Killing innocent people

The shocking news came this week, Alan Henning was executed by the barbaric regime which calls itself the Islamic State (IS) or whatever they like to call themselves.

America may be down but not out

With the approach of the US Congressional elections, questions about the health of America’s political institutions and the future of its global leadership have become rampant, with some citing partis

Anthem row: Crime and punishment must fit

This young guy, just another regular chap, Salman M, 25, was arrested in Thiruvananthapuram last week.

Internationalization of the renminbi

As China’s economy starts to slow, following decades of spectacular growth, the government will increasingly be exposed to the siren song of capital-account liberalization.

Militarizing Ebola crisis

Six months into West Africa’s Ebola crisis, the international community is finally heading calls for substantial intervention in the region.

Has Modi bitten more than he could chew?

The Congress party has launched a no-holds-barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him “a habitual liar,” a development that denotes that the Congress is shifting its strategy toward

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