United against deviant ideology

The ideology of hatred is beyond comprehension and as to how it influences the minds and hearts of young people to the point they don’t shy away from killing complete strangers.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Walking a tightrope

In my last article, I mentioned about the unusual and unexplainable mood swing that affects our daily routine.

Iran unlikely to budge

Many observers suspect that US President Barack Obama will not follow a decisive approach in dealing with the Iranian nuclear ambitions.

UK radicalism, the crisis of a generation

A professional student of radicalization at King’s College London, Shiraz Maher is concerned to understand why British Muslims are traveling to Syria to enlist as militants with the Islamic State.

Mistrust mars US-Pakistan ties

Relations of very few countries in the world have been as mercurial as that of the US and Pakistan.

Saudi unity: No compromise!

The tragic incident that took place in Al-Ahsa (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia) was subject to numerous interpretations in the media and on social channels.

Saudi Press Roundup

Promoting national unity

GCC challenges and responses

The recent IMF report on Middle East countries highlighted the dilemma of forecasting business in a volatile environment like the one addressed in the report.

Why Democrats got a drubbing

Over the last six years, President Obama’s administration has shown itself to be a dismal failure in its domestic policy as in its foreign policy.

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