‘Sanga is Lanka’

Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka’s wicket keeper–batsman completed 12,000 runs (12,422) for Sri Lanka in ODIs during his knock of 67 in the Asia Cup opener against Pakistan in Bangladesh.

‘Interest rate war’ in emerging markets?

During 2009-2011, capital flows were intensively targeting emerging markets, with the advanced economies reducing their interest rates to unprecedentedly low levels and with the quantitative easing

Hotspot: Paswan’s betrayal

Ram Vilas Paswan’s announcement this week of his party’s turnaround took Muslims and all secular Indians by surprise.

Indian political scene heating up

WITH the general elections in India just a few weeks away, the addition of yet another candidate eyeing premiership has set the political landscape on fire.

Indo-Saudi friendship put on the front burner

Diplomacy is often practiced through symbolism where the focus is on the unstated, the unwritten and the unspoken.

A bumpy road ahead for Philippines

Philippine President Benigno Aquino is on the brink of an accord to end one of Asia’s longest and deadliest rebellions, but renegade guerrillas, hostile politicians and the nation’s highest court lie

Amid waning global clout

As it prepares to release a new national-security strategy, the Obama administration is working to counter the growing conviction that US influence in international affairs is receding.

Double standard of champions

It is ironic that nations who are considered to be the most vocal on human rights are the ones that are the mass producers of weapons of mass destruction.

Islamic scholars must educate the masses

This is with reference to the report “Islamic scholars draw out plan to combat polio” (Feb. 28). It is an interesting and timely development.

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