East and West: Two sides of Saudi employment

He came years ago to Saudi Arabia. Back then, all he had was zero experience. This gentleman worked hard to make a better practitioner out of himself.

Corporatization of electoral campaign

Another general election has kicked off in India and the big question that comes to every mind is how the common man will be benefited from this celebration of democracy.

IMF and needy global communities

The IMF's increasing role as the world's leading organization in ensuring global financial stability was in the spotlight again as G20 finance ministers and central bankers gathered in Washington for

Public probes that need their own inquiry

As Afghan people elect a new president, the British military deployment in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, is winding down fast.

Communal politics won’t work in 2014

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) election manifesto for the ongoing parliamentary elections clearly highlights its flawed reading of the Indian sociopolitical pulse.

Setting the minimum wage

The criticism of Saudi banks by Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin this week set-off a barrage of commentary on social media bashing banks, insisting that these banks should reinvest some of their record prof

Hotspot: Why the politicians pasted the pilot

This is way beyond belief. It kind of defies all logic. The Indian media picked up the story belatedly but, thankfully, they have.

Saudi Press Roundup

ISIL playing a dirty game

Gum Arabic and cereals market

The US Food and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) decision to reclassify Gum Arabic as a food ingredient — not only an additive — will have far-reaching implications and provide a new business opportunity

Gurus and governors

The ongoing general election in India has brought to prominence not only the usual cast of political aspirants, campaign managers, publicists, and vote-brokers, but also an array of astrologers, numer

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