ISIL: Iraq under threat

I raised this question a few days ago but then backed down. I was afraid people would think I am bringing it up out of nothing but mere instigation.

Nigerian girls’ abduction exposes world hypocrisy

The abduction of hundreds of young Nigerian girls by the militia Boko Haram has been front-page news for weeks.

Modi govt facing its first crisis

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing its first crisis.

Pakistan needs new police strategy

The flames towering over Karachi’s international airport before dawn on Monday made one thing clear: Pakistan’s war on terror extends well beyond the tribal areas along its border with Afghanistan.

‘Leaving’ the job

It is basically a Gulf expat problem but it is a sad one.

Egypt can inspire new Arab world

Egypt is on the cusp of again taking up its historical role as the source of political, cultural and social inspiration and regeneration in the Arab world.

Take politics out of sports

For the first time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, the focus is not on the event about to take place but on the one that is scheduled after eight years.

El-Sissi brings hope but faces challenges

With Sunday’s swearing in of Abdel Fattah El-Sissi as president of Egypt, in the presence of Arab, regional and international leaders and representatives, a tumultuous chapter in this country’s histor

Bergdahl: Five for one

The political firestorm that has engulfed the United States in the wake of the prisoner exchange earlier this month whereby the Taleban handed Sgt.

Fallacy of security, peace in Pakistan

These are extraordinary times to be living in Pakistan, not for all the pleasant reasons though.

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