The spies who came in from the cold

Amid a brewing controversy over reports that the US was spying abroad, questions are being raised about what did President Barack Obama know and when did he find out?

Did Arab revolutions fail?

Challenging the falsehoods and simplifications that surrounded the so-called Arab Spring from the very start doesn’t necessarily mean that one is in doubt of the very notion that genuine revolutions

The race to the bottom

The suffering endured by those forced to leave their home countries due to conflict or economic hardship is beyond the imagination of most of us.

Al-Maliki’s policies pose bigger threat than Al-Qaeda

In 2010, US President Barack Obama backed Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to form a government despite warnings that Al-Maliki harbored sectarian agenda.

Saudis in America

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques scholarship program, undoubtedly the world’s biggest, was launched in 2006.

University education is not for all!

Education — particularly higher education — is hailed as the marker and the epitome of enlightenment and a better life.

More electricity providers please!

I heard a story, which Google could not help me confirm, about a power blackout in Sweden.

Inspections under way with amnesty over

Nov. 3 was the last chance for illegal expat workers to rectify their status to remain in the Kingdom.What went on during the last few months?

India walks a tightrope as Maldives policy in disarray

As the political atmosphere in Maldives gets murkier day by day, India appears to have been caught in a bind completely.

Other Side of the Mirror: A round trip on AdAir please

The one airline that I have never flown is Ad Airwavs. It is out there somewhere but I never get that flight.

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