Iran playing double game

The Iranian regime’s bad reputation is not merely propaganda fabricated against it amid a political war, which has been ongoing since the revolution against the Shah.

Ending Al-Maliki’s legacy

IRAQI Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi’s recent political awakening is the most positive development the embattled country has seen since it was invaded by the US in 2003.

Realizing Internet’s true potential

On Sept. 25, world leaders will gather in New York to adopt the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The exodus to Europe

Germany's far-right parties are planning a show of force this coming weekend in a small town called Goslar.

Earning OFWs’ ire

It was fury, plain and simple, spinning madly like a tornado, emanating from the global ranks of overseas Filipino workers.

OPOR protest begins to spread

One of the ex-servicemen fasting unto death for the One Pension One Rank implementation in India has been rushed to hospital in precarious condition.

EU’s migration paralysis

For many centuries, Europe was a continent plagued by wars, famines and poverty. Millions of Europeans were driven to emigrate by economic and social deprivation.

N-deal: A great deception

Just when President Obama’s persuasion offensive was starting to bear fruit within Congress, set to vote on the Iran deal early next month, the Associated Press (AP) goes and bursts his balloon, leavi

Korean crisis control

Having just been on holiday with two very strong-willed little boys aged 8 and 9, I feel particularly well qualified to explain why the two Koreas have gone to the brink of war over some loudspeakers,

Specter of another war

Another war is in the making in Libya: The questions are “how” and “when”?

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