Elections in Arab world not always a good thing

Someone who is not familiar with the Arab world would be excused if he believed that democracy is thriving in this part of the globe. Elections are due to take place in Algeria, Iraq and Egypt.

Watching the CAR crash

The irony is hard to ignore.

Protecting Pakistan at the cost of civil liberty

In a recently held heated National Assembly session, the government of Pakistan was able to successfully promulgate the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO).

How do readers consume news online?

Earlier this month, I wrote a story for The Washington Post about how scanning and skimming our way through the Internet is messing with our ability to read deeper and longer works.

Be-Canadian yourself!

He came years ago to Saudi Arabia! Back then, all he had was zero experience. This gentleman worked hard to make a better practitioner out of himself.

The dilemma of ‘stable’ West Bank

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and his predominantly rightwing Cabinet.

Fair Syrian battle of ballot!

There is this white van going down the road.

The Chernobyl factor in the Ukraine crisis

Twenty-eight years after its Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded, Ukraine confronts a nuclear specter of a different kind: The possibility that the country’s reactors could become military targets in t

America pivots back to Asia

The Philippines and the United States are embarking on an “Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation” (AEDC) that would increase the presence of US military troops in the Philippines on a “rotat

HotSPOT: Excuse me, have you seen my wife?

Ok, you can lose your keys, misplace your pen. Never find a scissor when you need one. But a wife. Like that’s the girl you marry, spouse, the other half, that person.

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