Oil price dip shocks electric cars

The recent fall in oil prices took the shine off many electric and hybrid cars displayed in Detroit this month.

Loss of a father figure

I woke up on Friday morning to the shocking news that our father had passed away.

Kingdom smoothly enters into new era

Saudi Royal Court’s statements announced on Friday are the most important of what Saudis have heard since the beginning of this century, because these statements came at a turbulent time for the regio

A tough task ahead in Yemen

After days of bloody clashes this week between the militias of the Houthi rebels and government forces in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital — which included bombing the presidential palace and laying siege to it

Smooth power transition witnessed

Saudi Arabia has proven to the world that it has strong institutional structures that can ensure a smooth transition of power, guaranteeing stability in a region beset by conflict.

Where is the humane spirit of our faith?

Of all the angry speeches, sound bites and opinion pieces that the Charlie Hebdo massacre generated, the best one came from an unexpected quarter — Pope Francis.

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