Time for Global Apollo program

In 1961, when the United States was faced with the threat of falling behind the Soviet Union in the space race, President John F.

Blemished posture

As the world celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21, this author was left wondering if the community of nations really understood what yoga is all about.

Saudi Press Roundup

Positive use of N-energy

Serenity in the South China Sea

The United States should accept many dimensions of China’s economic, and now military, growth with as much serenity as it can muster.

The siren call of Daesh

It would be difficult to forget the face of a man crying for his family. “I love you all very much.

Stopping the crimson tide

The plumes of violence continue to spread insidiously. The two attacks in Kuwait and Tunis underscore the fact that extremism has not been dented and that the word “peace” has lost its meaning.

Sanctity of Ramadan

As per the teachings of Islam, Ramadan is the month of mercy. Our religion advocates peace and harmony. Ramadan is a month during which a true Muslim becomes more merciful toward Allah’s creation.

Baseless allegations

This is with reference to the report “Islamabad rebuffs Afghan claim on Parliament attack” (June 27). Kabul has once again started hurling baseless and bitter accusations at Pakistan.

Mideast crises

I read with interest the article by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed “Is another Somalia in the making?” (June 27).

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