Thoughtful strategy must to end IS

The Islamic State (IS) has been wounded.

Three questions for Hamas

There is no doubt that Hamas has exhibited extraordinary resilience under the most difficult of conditions that have bedeviled its period of political leadership in the Gaza Strip that started in 2007

An open letter to new Iraqi prime minister

Firstly, we congratulate you on your new mission and pray to God to help you take on difficult responsibilities in this critical phase in history.

Israel’s apartheid days are numbered

Tuesday 26 August 2014
As Israel continues to rain terror, death and destruction on innocent civilians the world needs to act. The traditional approach encouraging the two parties to ‘negotiate’ has not worked.
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Missouri: Lessons learned

For people outside the US, the State of Missouri is not a place known to many, let alone a small town named Ferguson. It’s is a small town located in St.

IS threat could change policy toward Assad

For the first time since the Syrian crisis broke out in March 2011 there are indications that policies toward the Damascus regime are about to change drastically.

How Pakistan’s Sharif stumbled into crisis

As thousands of protesters blockaded Pakistan’s Parliament last week, the spirits of the lawmakers inside were briefly lifted by a rare appearance from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The Middle East crack-up

The horror stories emerging from northern Iraq, as well as the continuing slaughter in Syria’s civil war, point to a tectonic shift in the Middle East.

Australian Muslims feel under siege

Australia is home to a sizable number of Muslims, who number about 500,000, just over two percent of Australia’s population.

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