Another Somalia in the making

Three years after the death of former leader Muammar Qaddafi, Libya has not realized stable political transition but fallen into a quagmire of separatism, violence and terrorism.

Driving with a new mentality

Are men better drivers than women? Are roads safer now than they were five years ago? The answer to both questions is “No.”

When the truth hurts

THE recent results of an annual online survey of the worst airports in the world to sleep-in found Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport to be the second worst in terms of comfort, convenience

Understanding the Russian dilemma

THE Ukraine crisis has shattered key western assumptions about Russia and many analysts and policymakers have fallen back on the belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be acting irrationall

Dealing with the threat of Ebola

Which countries, beyond those in West Africa, are most susceptible to the Ebola epidemic?

Saudi Press Roundup

Protecting Saudi youths

Rohingyas: The forgotten people

This is with reference to the article “Deafening silence over Rohingya issue” (Oct. 25) by Harun Yahya. I salute the writer for highlighting this issue time and again.

Kingdom’s traffic woes

Traffic gridlocks in major cities across the Kingdom have become a routine occurrence.

Crises in Yemen

The article “Behind Yemen’s crises” by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed” (Oct. 25) was very informative. The writer’s analysis of the situation in Yemen is spot on.

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