1915 tragedy and short memory

I am an admirer of all things Turkish. I have fond memories of a few days spent in Turkey, exploring its rich tapestry of history and heritage, especially in Istanbul.

Ugly truths unearthed

With every day that passes, Operation Decisive Storm proves just how necessary, and hence, justifiable it is.

Retaking Iraq’s Anbar not easy

Baghdad has announced its next battle against the IS group is retaking Anbar province, but analysts say entrenched militants and limited Iraqi forces put a full reconquest out of reach for now.

Identifying the real enemy

Who is the real enemy of Saudi Arabia? Is it our longtime friend and neighbor, Iran, or it is a country, which we have never recognized and have no relations with it. I am referring to Israel.

Optimistic about the future

One of the bright spots in the Saudi government is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Saudis, including myself, often take the ministry for granted if we have no urgent need for services while abroad.

The challenge of Russia’s decline

As Europe debates whether to maintain its sanctions regime against Russia, the Kremlin’s policy of aggression toward Ukraine continues unabated.

A diplomatic triumph

This could well be the greatest diplomatic triumph for the Gulf and Arab countries at the United Nations.

India’s secular fabric under attack

Ever since Narendra Modi won a decisive mandate for his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in general elections in May last year, minorities like Muslims and Christians have been the butt of news headlines

Iran’s outdated political ideals

When it comes to the region’s problems, Iran is always in the conversation with its questionable political affiliations and ambitions.

The deep divide within

We have suffered more than you, and you deserve what is happening to you!

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