The decision of India’s Election Commission to allow Amit Shah to canvass for votes for his party in the ongoing national election has surprised many.

Is it the end of a two-state solution?

The death of Ron Pundak, one of the original Israeli architects of the 1993 Oslo agreement, brought that historic event back into the public eye.

Philippines’ gambit in South China Sea

Tensions between China and the Philippines spiked in March when a small civilian boat was confronted by a Chinese Coast Guard vessel about 100 miles from the Philippine coast.

It’s yesterday once more and all that razzmatazz

At half past six Wednesday evening the first ball was bowled in the IPL7 at Abu Dhabi and the UAE become the second nation after South Africa to host the world’s most extravagant cricket carnival.

Arvind Kejriwal’s five blunders

Arvind Kejriwal had waded into the now-ongoing Indian general elections with his eyes set on the moon.

Women, Urdu and Bollywood

A Friend was all fire and brimstone when another one quoted Kaifi Azmi to drive home his message.

Editorial: Syria’s bloodless victory

Bashar Assad has just scored a major victory without spilling a drop of Syrian blood. That triumph was in Crimea. Of course the Syrian dictator had nothing to do with Putin’s decision to invade.

Editorial: MERS — no need to panic

Though there can be no ignoring the misery and heartache of the friends and families of its victims, the number of people in the Kingdom known to have died from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome re

Off the PBA court: Pacquiao playing for KIA?

Manny Pacquiao scored a unanimous decision over American Timothy Bradley in their world championship showdown last Sunday in Las Vegas, silencing his former conqueror at the proper arena where he i

The other side of the mirror: Yes, it was just yesterday...

How easily youth can flee without even the courtesy of a farewell, such bad manners.

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