GCC and Australia set to explore new horizons

I write this week from Melbourne, Australia, where the first ever GCC-Australia Trade and Investment Forum was held.

Root of all problems

Whether the perpetuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict destabilizes the Middle East is an unresolved debate in the West.

Democracy under threat in Pakistan

On Oct. 11, Pakistan marked the 15th anniversary of a military coup that ousted Sharif’s democratically elected government and brought Gen. Pervez Musharraf to power.

Conspiracy in the making

When a seasoned strategic intelligence expert observed that the recent accidental bomb blast in a non-descript district-town of Burdwan in the Indian state of West Bengal is the first stroke to set th

Question mark over Nigeria truce

Nigeria’s announcement of a cease-fire with Boko Haram has surprised many and convinced few, particularly when talks with the militants on the possible release of 219 kidnapped schoolgirls had been at

Tightening noose around Tel Aviv

On Oct. 12, at a donors’ conference in Cairo, participants pledged $5.4 billion toward the reconstruction of Gaza.

The other Nobel winners

They are going to need an extra-big stage in Oslo this year.

Complex battle against IS

Last week, Kurdish fighters watched helplessly from the Turkish side of the border with Syria, as the advancing forces of the Islamic State (IS) closed in on the city of Kobani, a stronghold of Syrian

Saudi Press Roundup

Ugly sectarian agenda

Surcharges on surgery!

A weird event occurred at a Mumbai hospital. The relative of a patient reportedly tried to attack and injure a surgeon’s hands as he came out of the facility.

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