EU’s migration paralysis

For many centuries, Europe was a continent plagued by wars, famines and poverty. Millions of Europeans were driven to emigrate by economic and social deprivation.

N-deal: A great deception

Just when President Obama’s persuasion offensive was starting to bear fruit within Congress, set to vote on the Iran deal early next month, the Associated Press (AP) goes and bursts his balloon, leavi

Korean crisis control

Having just been on holiday with two very strong-willed little boys aged 8 and 9, I feel particularly well qualified to explain why the two Koreas have gone to the brink of war over some loudspeakers,

Specter of another war

Another war is in the making in Libya: The questions are “how” and “when”?

The evil of bonded labor

Brandon Stanton, from the Humans of New York (HONY) fame, has done it!

Why Iran’s charm offensive is not enough

After their nuclear deal with the P5+1, Iranian officials have vacillated between confrontation and reconciliation regarding their weary neighbors.

Time for economic reforms

These days, a few questions keep on popping up in my head. Are we really a rich country? Is relying on a volatile source of income economically healthy?

Too many cooks spoil the broth

In the Kingdom, there is an army of general managers and chief executives who in one way or the other look like extraterrestrial being. When you meet them, they look humble and cultured.

Reflections on Saudi education system

With the reopening of schools, students have embarked on a new journey of their lives. Is this journey going to be any different?

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Joys of motherhood

It is not easy waiting for something. And when it comes to some kind of an academic examination or test, the clock seems to stop ticking. These days, I am faced with a similar problem.

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