A Muslim’s complaint

After every terrorist attack anywhere around the world involving Daesh, Al-Qaeda or their affiliates, the entire Muslim population around the globe becomes the target of slurs and undue criticism.

United we stand

This is with reference to the report “KSA talks to unite Syrian opposition” (Nov. 21).

Human cruelty

I read with interest the article “Pressuring the poachers” (Nov. 21) by Michael Meyer. It is heartening to note that the world is finally taking measures for the protection of wildlife.

Confusing situation

This is with reference to the report “Shoura to vote on hiring Vietnamese workers” (Nov. 21). It is a bit confusing.

Apple dreamed of iCars in 2008

Recent reports indicate that Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, discussed the potential for an Apple car as far back as 2008.

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