Abdel Nasser and I

Forty-five years ago Gamal Abdel Nasser died at the early age of 52. It is not an event of the past. It continues to have a huge influence on the present, and probably will on the future.

NATO, the US and a Marxist ally

The equilibrium between US and USSR was compromised after the WW-II; the manufacture by the USSR of its own atom bomb being the final straw for the US.

Modi in America: Time for reality check

Another foreign trip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just ended, this time to the US with a 5-hour stopover in Ireland en-route for a working visit, and this time again the same political ruckus h

Croatia numb over ‘shivering’ migrants

The Croatian sun has given way to rain and the temperature has dropped, but refugees and migrants continue to stream into the country, forcing officials and charities to scramble to prepare for wintry

Crucial times

This refers to the news report “Coalition seizes Iranian boat with arms for Houthis.” (Oct. 1)

Islam, faith and climate change

The Islamic Declaration on Climate Change, endorsed in August by Islamic scholars from around the world, calls on countries to phase out greenhouse-gas emissions and switch to 100% renewable energy.

When bigotry rides high

Duncan is a small town in a northwestern corner of South Carolina, with a total area of 3.5 square miles and a majority white, blue-color population, twenty percent of whom live below the poverty line

Coping with a meaty issue

Since time immemorial, people have been killed for what they believed in.

Starvation and war: S. Sudan’s ‘peace’ deal in action

On paper, the war is over in South Sudan, after rivals signed a peace deal to end 21-months of violence that left tens of thousands killed.

Editorial: Tehran’s unabated meddling in Yemen

Iran's intemperate attack on the Kingdom over the organization of the Haj and the Mina tragedy is in reality a cynical effort to open yet another front in its meddling in the region.

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