Indian Muslims need to be sensible

INDIA’S political landscape has undergone a total change in the past one year.

Trust OIC as UN fumbles

This is with reference to the speech by Yahya Al-Muallami, the Saudi representative to UN, published in the Arab News on Feb. 25. (“UN inaction ‘ravaged’ Mideast: KSA”)

Fighting terror

This refers to the article “Grand mufti: Fighting terror is Islamic duty.” (Feb. 22)

Let’s be true to ourselves

Pakistan Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan’s statement about the Lal Masjid cleric, who had justified the killing of Peshawar school students, should come as no surprise.

Netanyahu on the move again

In his penetrating new book Language of War, Language of Peace, the celebrated Palestinian lawyer and author, Raja Shehadeh anatomizes the many ways in which Zionism has sought to will the disa

Time to clear doubts

The past 10 years have seen Gulf countries’ relations with Turkey change between love, admiration and anger.

Islamic State in America

While the fight between the Islamic State (IS) and the forces arrayed against it rages in the Middle East, another brutal battle is brewing in the United States over who is winning the war.

Yemen’s changing scenario

On Jan. 21, Houthi militias detained Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and kept him under house arrest after he refused to rubber-stamp their decisions.

If you can’t beat them...

At the end of almost each fight or argument, young kids usually start blaming one another for the issue. They end up saying, “You started it.”

Landing in trouble

How difficult it is to govern India!

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