Reining in private schools

This refers to the report “Parents and private schools ‘must sign detailed contracts’.” (Nov. 6)

Transient support to victims

In the midst of the extremely abhorrent events that have taken place during the past week, a clear picture of the human mentality has been painted, a picture saying more than just a thousand words.

Between devil and deep sea

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker is said to have commented on the Paris attacks by saying “Those who organized these attacks and those who carried them out are exactly those who the r

Don’t take terrorists’ bait

IT is true that it will take Europe particularly France, a little time to recover and pick up the pieces after the cowardly terrorist attacks that took place last week.

Rising hate crimes in West

ANY goodwill Muslims received from non-Muslims following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack earlier this year in France is quickly evaporating as it has become evident that Europeans, and particularly

UN holds the key to peace in Syria

THE terrorist attacks in Paris have further emphasized the importance of intervening in Syria and putting an end to chaos that is a threat beyond the Middle East.

Don’t fear a rising dollar

The US Federal Reserve is almost certain to start raising interest rates when the policy-setting Federal Open Markets Committee next meets, on Dec. 16.

G-20 expands its scope

THE Paris attacks have triggered a churning in global geopolitics. Few terror events have managed to do this. The best example, and the only one thus far, is that of the American 9/11 terror strikes.

Was Rahul Gandhi ever British?

We have a massive High Commission functioning in London.We have 1.6 million Indians in the UK working in government and media and even the intelligence services.

Rohingya issue

This is reference to the report “Rohingya see glimmer of hope in Suu Kyi’s election victory” (Nov. 18).

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