Globalizing sustainable development

The question of how the world can end extreme poverty and improve human wellbeing will take on new urgency in 2015, as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire and a new set of goals — the propo

Coping with risks for a safer future

Ten years ago this month, representatives from 168 United Nations member states met in Kobe, the capital of Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, to decide how to manage risk better in the wake of the devastating

Russia’s incomprehensible Syria policy

Russian position on the Syrian crisis is beyond comprehension. There are no defense treaties and the Syrian regime does not add any strategic value to Moscow in the regional conflict.

Freedom or license to offend

I was heartened to read Pope Francis say this week that those who ridicule others’ religions should expect a punch in reaction.

Saudi Press Roundup

Brain drain

When freedom of expression hurts

Democracy is the key to living in peace and freedom in today’s world. People can be free, grow and progress when they can live and speak as they wish.

Weathering the crisis tactfully

The Sardinian kingdom’s diplomatic envoy to the Russian empire, Joseph de Maistre, some 200 years ago observed, “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” He was commenting on Russians’ deep-seat

A rallying cry against impunity

Mexico is in the midst of a human rights crisis.

Three months a year

Everybody knows where the population explosion came from. Two centuries ago birth rates and death rates were high everywhere and population growth was very slow.

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