Israelis lied to justify massacre in Gaza

By granting diplomatic immunity to Israeli government and military officials from being arrested and prosecuted for war crimes in 2009, the British government acted shamefully and should take some of

Gaza changed everything

After every bloody episode of violence perpetrated by Israel, media spin doctors are often deployed with one grand mission: To absolve Israel of any responsibility in their acts of carnage.

Is this the twilight zone?

Don't know about you, but I’m experiencing a discomforting sense of unreality.

Saudi-Bahrain causeway rush

The government of Saudi Arabia is planning to start a ‘one-window’ system in the causeway. (“SR168m deal to run Causeway” Aug. 18)

Harmony key to India’s progress

Bikram Vohra knows well how to write on any subject. His article “Why I don’t want to ‘celebrate’ I-Day” (Aug. 16) has also been written remarkably well.

It’s all up to Al-Abadi now

By all yardsticks, Nuri Al-Maliki had to be sacrificed for the sake an inclusive political game in Iraq. His last minute clinging to his post did not discourage others from sidelining him.

Australia’s challenges as it prepares for G20 summit

The G20 group has in its membership the largest 20 economies in the world, including Australia and Saudi Arabia, ranked as the 12th and 19th largest economies worldwide, respectively.

A reality check on Vision 2025

In a recent meeting of the National Economic Council, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif approved the ‘Pakistan Vision 2025’ plan, which proposes optimal utilization of country’s resources to achieve sustain

Nonviolence a potent weapon

India is celebrating her 68th year of independence at a critical juncture of time and history.

Scotland’s selfie generation

Young Scots aged 16 and 17 are getting the vote for the first time in Scotland’s independence referendum, but the selfie generation looks set to defy expectations by mostly rejecting separation.

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