Battered cabs of Jeddah

Visiting Jeddah for a few days I always opt to use cabs instead of renting a car, not wanting the headache of having to hunt for parking spaces in the crowded streets of this ancient city.

Saudi Press Roundup

US-IS confrontation

Colonial practices in ME should end now

It is time for the United States and other powers to let the Middle East govern itself in line with national sovereignty and the United Nations Charter.

Ignoring the cost of arming PKK

Like any other region of the world, the politics in the Middle East has become a continuous pursuit of selfish interests.

Africa’s hidden hunger

Just over 20 years ago, South African photographer Kevin Carter shocked the world with a controversial photograph of a famished young Sudanese child being watched by a vulture during a famine.

Why India is on alert

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi may have flung off a cheap shot at Prime Minister Modi for playing the drums (fiddling like Nero) in Japan while crises were brewing in India but really, stop this sort of

Dealing effectively with Putin

For more than six months now, since Russia annexed Crimea, western politicians and analysts have been asking what can make Vladimir Putin stop or retreat.

Cameron in hot water

Until this week almost nobody outside Scotland took very seriously the possibility that Europe’s most stable and durable nation, the only big country on earth not to have suffered invasion, revolution

Democracy in the 21st century

The reception in the United States, and in other advanced economies, of Thomas Piketty’s recent book Capital in the Twenty-First Century attests to growing concern about rising inequality.

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