Silence of intellectuals and emergence of IS

The rapid rise of the so-called Islamic State has exposed clear fault-lines in the Arab world, not least the failure of Arab intellectuals to stand up and be counted in the face of autocracy and fasci

Indoor Winter Olympics!

Hosting a sports event is considered a major achievement of any country especially if it belongs to the Third World.

How Iran will benefit from regional unrest

Iran could emerge as a winner from the open-ended war on the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS), which has shifted attention from Tehran’s attempt to expand its sphere of influence and improve its posit

The Turkish conundrum

Turkey's decision, announced on Monday, to permit Kurdish fighters to percolate across its border with Syria to aid the defense of Kobani against the Islamic State (IS) came as something of a surprise

Brazil’s institutional limbo

International investors are watching closely as Brazilians prepare to vote in the second round of the presidential election on Oct. 26.

A thaw in Pak-Afghan relations

After years of mistrust and tension-filled relations, there are now indications that Afghanistan’s new President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are ready to “bury the hatchet,”

British role continues to haunt Palestinians

It would be intellectually dishonest to reflect on the British House of Commons’ vote of Monday, Oct. 13, on a Palestinian state without digging deeper into history.

Fighting human trafficking

The city of Tacloban was one of the worst hit by Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”) in November 2013, when the term “storm surge” was first introduced in the most violent way possible.

The killing fields

There are hotspots that the sun sends out and then there are those that are man-made and treacherous.

The intemperate advocates of Israel

Before we make up our minds about a book, we read it first. In like manner, we see an opera, especially a critically acclaimed one by one of America’s leading composers then we decide. Not before.

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