Hotspot: Why the politicians pasted the pilot

This is way beyond belief. It kind of defies all logic. The Indian media picked up the story belatedly but, thankfully, they have.

Saudi Press Roundup

ISIL playing a dirty game

Gum Arabic and cereals market

The US Food and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) decision to reclassify Gum Arabic as a food ingredient — not only an additive — will have far-reaching implications and provide a new business oppor

Gurus and governors

The ongoing general election in India has brought to prominence not only the usual cast of political aspirants, campaign managers, publicists, and vote-brokers, but also an array of astrologers, numer

Negotiating uncertainty

With a clear political vision, categorical demands for the release of prisoners, and for space in what it calls its “area of influence,” the banned terrorist outfit Tehreek-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP

CAR — wronged by colonial mindset

The images shown on television are eerily reminiscent of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 that the world sat back and watched; a young man was burned alive while the crowd watched the flaming body.

Hotspot: The cost of surfing

A recent finding confirmed my longtime suspicion that the Internet is changing our reading habit, and, alarmingly, affecting the ability of comprehension.

Creative Thinking: In or out of the box?

Think for a moment about your life. If you were to represent it with an image, how would you describe it? Is it easy for you to imagine it as a box?

West and resurrection of Soviet Union

NATO says tens of thousands of Russian troops are massed on the border with Ukraine for a potential invasion, yet western states still lack a strategy to stop Moscow from intervening in its former Sov

Violence into sport can’t go

When do spectators become fans and when do fans become fanatic?

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