Ukraine: Peace at last?

The current cease-fire in the war in eastern Ukraine, the so-called Minsk-2 agreement, was signed last February, but they never actually ceased firing.

Ali Salem defeated them

Some intellectuals only see the late Egyptian playwright, Ali Salem, as a symbol of normalization with Israel, and strip him of all he has offered to millions of Arabs and to the Arab culture through

Dump Security Council to preserve UN sanctity

Way back in 1956, Norman Cousins, a renowned American journalist and peace proponent asserted “if the United Nations is to survive, those who represent it must bolster it; those who advocate it must s

War and Libya’s fine art awakening

Four years after a joyous celebration of the end of censorship with the fall of dictator Muammar Qaddafi, Libyan artists have had to put their creativity back on hold.

Setting record straight on Houthi atrocities

Records are maintained to mark the pages of history.

Absurd propaganda against KSA

The concerted campaign of defamation against Saudi Arabia by its enemies has been ramped up recently, with the exodus of Syrian refugees to Europe just one of the reasons used to attack and unfairly c

Saudi Press Roundup

Glorious day for Saudi women

Far right making hay from Europe’s migrant crisis

The far right in Europe is making capital from the hundreds of thousands of migrants pushing into the continent and hopes to turn fears it has helped to fuel of an “invasion” into electoral success.

Bypassing conventional media could become norm

With supreme fatigue having set in on the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue no one is really interested in the media about carrying anything on it.

Is it time to end the book?

There was a time when the sheer core of luxury was leisure and a good book. That time disappeared then made a mild return but now seems to have been eliminated by the gadgets of the high tech age.

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