World’s deafening silence over Gaza

Bombs are raining on Gaza and rockets on Southern Israel, people are dying and homes are being destroyed. Again. Again without any purpose.

Hypocrisy at its best

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters, his overwhelming victory in India’s general elections was a sweeping repudiation of everything for which the previous United Progressive Allianc

When the media joins the dirty game of politics

As the Israeli killing machine continues to slaughter innocent civilians in the besieged Gaza enclave, Palestinians are also facing a different type of psychological war, which seems, so far, to be wo

It’s all about the goalie

Have you heard of Ignacio Palacios Huerta, a professor from the London School of Economics? No you haven’t. He is all set to make a million. And that is just for starters courtesy the World Cup.

Guidelines to win Turkish presidency

Since ancient Greece, politics has been defined as the art of ruling and managing a state’s affairs and its true purpose has been known as reconciling clashing interests found in society.

US losing the message war

What, exactly, does the United States stand for in the Middle East? More important, what would the average Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian or Yemeni say that it stands for?

Creative Thinking: Coloring your world

Complete trust in yourself is something you must absolutely “get back”, in case you lost it, “acquire”, in case you have never had it, or “reinforce”, provided you have it but it is not strong enough.

Modi’s first budget: A cautious step to revive Indian economy

THE most sought after official document in India in the month of February is finally out in the open.

Saudi scholarship students and the problems they face

King Abdullah Scholarships Program (KASP) has absolutely changed the demography of the Saudi society. According to statistics disclosed by Minister of Higher Education Dr.

Israeli airstrikes, a rerun of 2012 blitz

A cartoon that appeared in the daily newspaper Haaretz captured the feelings of many in Israel.

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