Work-life balance must to boost productivity

The concept of work-life balance resembles the Bermuda Triangle in the world of business, every body is talks about it, believes that it has some kind of an effect, but those who’ve actually been thro

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Immigration woes in UK

In the past two weeks, several Saudi students faced problems at the immigration at British airports.

US in a multipolar world

Giving up the spotlight is never easy. The United States, like many aging celebrities, is struggling to share the stage with new faces, especially China.

Why Turkey won’t go nuclear

According to conventional wisdom, if Iran develops nuclear weapons, then other regional powers will try to follow suit.

Poor understanding of ME

In his interview with journalist Thomas Friedman this week, US President Barack Obama said that the threat to regional states, including Saudi Arabia, is not Iranian intervention, but rather “internal

Creative self-disruption

Like many readers, I still vividly recall when Nokia was the dominant player in mobile phones, with over 40 percent of the market, and Apple was just a computer company.

Cacophony in Yemen

Another Arab country, Yemen, is in doldrums as a fierce fight for restoring stability in this strategically located country, abutting the Bab El-Mandab Strait linking Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden, ra

Do you give it a heads up

Where does it end, this replacement of organs and can we one day expect to be morphed entirely, a full set of other people’s parts?

No surprise in Khamenei’s rants

The verbal attack launched by Iran’s Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei toward Saudi Arabia was completely expected and no cause for surprise.

Iraq’s fiscal woes

For weeks recently, all eyes were on Tikrit, where 30,000 Iraqi troops, two-thirds of whom Shiite “popular mobilization” militias coordinated by Iranian military advisers, wrested that Sunni town from

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