Economics of violence

What is the biggest source of violence in our world? With the brutal conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere constantly in the news, many people would probably say war.

The tactic of disappearance

Militants who swept like an army across Iraq and Syria are expected to return to guerrilla warfare and melt into the population to avoid heavy losses from US-led air strikes, analysts say.

Muslim coalition needed to fight extremism

Who likes to play the devil’s advocate? I certainly do not.

Taking care for the company

The owner of a company has just dismissed one of his executives on the grounds that he did not care for his health and, therefore, was a liability.

Ugly tentacles of terrorism

A group of imams and organizations representing British Muslims has written Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to stop using the phrase “Islamic State” when talking about the new country carved o

Europe’s tattered social contract

For most of the beginning of 2014, the euro zone seemed to be in a state of recovery — weak and unsteady, but nonetheless real.

Price of Scottish independence

Though the world’s eyes now are on Scotland’s referendum on independence from the United Kingdom, Scotland is not alone in seeking to redraw national boundaries.

Signs not to be ignored

A disturbing number of videos were posted recently on YouTube that signals some very real problems in Saudi society, particularly our behavior and the government’s reaction to it.

The G20 to the rescue

The G20’s upcoming meeting in Brisbane, Australia, comes at a time when a precarious global economy requires big decisions to be made.

Understanding BJP’s defeat

India is such a vibrant, pulsating and politically-aware democracy that no one leader or political party can ever hope for dominating the electoral landscape in all the 29 states and seven union terri

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