Four years ago, the Syrian people burst into the streets in a courageous quest for a future without tyranny, corruption or repression. Sadly, their quest led them into an infernal existence. The...
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Iran deal: Dispute is over details

The Arab countries may have responded to the nuclear deal with restrained reaction, but there are others who gloat about the deal considering it a victory for Iran.

Floods spark a sense of deja vu

After a long hot and dry spell, the monsoon has finally arrived in Pakistan. The much-awaited season was once cheered for cooling down temperatures and promising a better harvest for the farmers.

India, Pakistan take SCO route

Is 21st century’s maiden regional multilateral alliance, Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) expansion into South Asia that much needed panacea for resolving India-Pakistan stalemate?

Burkina Faso on a tightrope

A serious clash between Burkina Faso’s presidential guard and the prime minister has left the west African nation on a political tightrope three months ahead of a key presidential election.

Don’t mistake the compassion

The government has out of compassion ordered a five-day truce in Yemen in what is a humane gesture and one that will enable much needed aid to be delivered to the beleaguered civilian population.

Saudi Press Roundup

AccountabilityThe report that the corpse of a 12-year-old girl was left at King Faisal Hospital in Makkah to rot is a disastrous piece of news.

Acronyms and terrorists

Many governments have begun urging the media not to use the “ISIS” acronym.

PKK capitalizing on violence in Turkey

Terrorism, regrettably, is not an unfamiliar menace to Turkish people. For the past 40 years, Turks have experienced their own dreadful version of terror attacks.

Time to criminalize harassment

The public outcry over the sexual harassment of the two young Saudi women on the Jeddah Corniche during Eid Al-Fitr, which we have seen now through the video posted online by someone who filmed it all

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