A few differences between 1939 and now

The Ukrainian Army is in retreat on every front.

Living dangerously in Pakistan

Every hero becomes a bore at last, quipped Emerson, the quintessential Boston Brahmin known for his old-fashioned, New England commonsense.

Other Side of the Mirror: That’s some plane talk

It is the secret desire of all men who catch planes to sit next to a single girl and enjoy several hours of fun conversation. A genuine ego trip.

Children face ‘education emergency’ in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq’s northern Kurdish region are facing an “education emergency” after being forced from their homes, with hundreds of schools used to shelter displaced families

100 days of Modi govt

The first 30 days in office for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were not rosy. He had gone on record sharing his disappointment that his government was not even being allowed honeymoon period.

A stronger Canadian dollar in the pipeline?

LONDON: Over time, the Canadian dollar might prove to be a winner from the conflict in Ukraine, which has highlighted the European Union's reliance on energy supplies from Russia.

Biden rousing the troops again

He may have raised an eyebrow or two a couple of months ago when he hopped onto a conference call to touch base with many of the hundreds of his former Senate, vice-presidential and campaign staffs.

Self-defeating policies of US

In biology, it is known as reciprocal altruism. In business, it is known by its Latin moniker as quid pro quo. In common idiom, we call it gift exchange.

West’s strategy for Russia

The Aspen Strategy Group, a non-partisan group of foreign-policy experts recently wrestled with the question of how to respond to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Implications of Pakistan’s current crisis

The political chaos in Pakistan has deepened, with the country’s embattled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif now vowing not to step down despite escalating protests against his rule.

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