Bigotry runs rampant in West

If the human race is evolving, the direction of mankind’s evolution is questionable. There’s little peace and harmony around and few signs of a budding higher consciousness.

Does a dying child lie?

Can I get a glass of water? Cold, Sheikh Mustafa, an 11-year-old Hyderabad boy, managed to squeak as he lay on a stretcher, his body completely charred and anointed with lotion all over.

Problem of Misyar

The report “Misyar now ‘a widespread reality’” (Oct. 12) has raised an important social issue. We should look into all the aspects of this issue with the utmost care.

Time to switch to public transit

With the ongoing development works under way, Riyadh is gearing to become one of the largest cities of the world.

Fighting generalizations with wisdom, patience

Whenever Islam is brought into any discussions, the Kingdom finds itself dragged into it.

When roads turn into deathtraps

Whenever something goes terribly wrong involving a municipality the blame game is inevitably played.

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Who cares what they say about Islam

First of all, this writer would like to take the opportunity to wish all the readers a blessed Eid, though a bit late.

Turkey’s dilemma in Kobani

As of writing this article, Turkey is just watching the unfolding events in the Kurdish town Kobani.

Proactive Germany must for Middle East

The visit of German Foreign Minister Franz-Walter Steinmeier to the Kingdom could not have come at a more critical time.

Battle against VIP culture

When you see an official government car escorted by heavily armed policemen, flashing lights and wailing sirens, just move to the side.

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