Obama’s failed leadership in the Middle East

US President Barack Obama sounded convincing enough when discussing issues of the US economy at the beginning of his press conference on Wednesday, but sadly when it came to the Middle East he might h

Japan’s ‘collective self-defense’ move

Since the end of World War II, Japan has been ruled by an American-written “peace constitution,” Article 9 which prohibits war and limits Japanese forces to self-defense.

Other Side of the Mirror: The Asian expat nod of dissent

It is the most subtle and effective weapon in the Non Resident Indian arsenal.

Gaza and the Balfour Declaration

It seems a strange fatality that the latest horrors perpetrated by Israel in Gaza have coincided with the commemoration in the UK of the beginning of the First World War on Aug. 4, 1914.

Legacy of the First World War

It was not worth even one life,” said Harry Patch shortly before he died in 2009 at the age of 111.

Facing bumps on the road

One of the hard lessons Saudi women learn when they get a new job in the private sector is the attitude among employers. They are told: “you got a job, the rest is up to you.”

Insurance Bill logjam: A sad commentary on Indian politics

A six-year-old boy curiously named Curious asks his father the meaning of politics.

Arab world drowning in Machiavellianism

Villains are indispensable characters in the story of self-preservation.

Gaza: Are the Arabs divided?

Are the Arabs divided over the war in Gaza? If so, then why are they divided?

Lessons from the Gaza war

The Israeli war on Gaza has come to a temporary pause following an Egyptian proposal for a 72-hour truce commencing on Tuesday morning.

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