Diversifying sources of income

Last Wednesday, I attended a program (debate and an interview) on the falling oil prices aired by one of the world’s leading television networks from their studio in Washington.

Wasting time on trivial matters

We Saudis don’t like to admit it, but we can be without too much effort a misogynistic society. Harsh? Perhaps. I’m not talking about all Saudis, of course.

Offer incentives to boost productivity

A healthy economy is a productive one — a very simple and direct to the point statement that everyone can easily understand. However, to achieve this “productivity” many measures are taken.

Are we really ready for competition?

The Global Competitiveness Forum, which is held in Riyadh annually, is probably one of the major international events that aim to publicize the Kingdom’s priority investment sectors and major developm

A recurring theme in American election

With the seasons of primaries in the US presidential election starting next week, all attention is on Donald Trump, the front-runner in the Republican Party camp.

Between hope and history

The Syrian opposition delegation, which arrived in Geneva to join the UN-mediated peace talks, seems to be solid despite the losses inflicted on it due to recent Russian shelling and which most recent

Return of the currency crash

Currency-market volatility has been around for decades, if not centuries.

Fighting terror with terror?

While unveiling a plan of action to prevent violent extremism at the United Nations General Assembly on Jan.

Toward a nuke-free world

A fight now underway over newly-designed US nuclear weapons highlights how far the Obama administration has strayed from its commitment to build a nuclear-free world.

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