Mobilizing global solution networks

Historically, brands participated in solving global problems through philanthropy or their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Was the debris from a surfboard?

It is happening again.

Saudi Press Roundup

Fighting coronavirus

The deadly award

The inspiration for the title of this article comes from a novel by Essam Altawiaan, The Deadly Award, published in 2013.

Time to strengthen UN

The United Nations will mark its 70th anniversary when world leaders assemble next month at its headquarters in New York.

Every cloud has a silver lining

A difficult financial phase is looming. Oil prices have fallen by more than half and may continue to fall in the future.

US’ fatally flawed policies

For more than a century, rebuilding the Middle East has been the top priority of the United States. In a bid to achieve its goal, the US has spent huge funds and put forth a lot of efforts.

Balance is the key to life

Since the development of the science of toxicology in the 16th century, its guiding principle has been that “the dose makes the poison.” It is a rule that applies to the medicines used by patients wor

Dawn of a new era in Yemen

After the liberation of Aden and Shabwa, the disastrous adventure of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels appears to have reached a dead end.

Literature for humanity

A recently launched Indian television channel, Epic TV, stands out for its preoccupation with and celebration of the past.

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