Conflict and class

It is a matter of great surprise and regret that media per se provides unbalanced coverage of events when they occur in Asia and Africa.

Saudi Press Roundup

Media and Decisive Storm

Nuke deal: Real test lies ahead

US President Barack Obama, eager to resolve at least one intractable conflict in his final two years in office, has his eye on a major prize: Reconciliation with Iran.

Questioning US seriousness in ME

One of the headlines that caught my attention last week read: “60,000 brochures airdropped in Rakka.” Media outlets proudly and jubilantly announced that the US planes dropped 60,000 brochures in Syri

Murder-suicide or mass murder?

We know what propels a suicide bomber — say of the Palestinian variety, in the old days of the second intifada — to go on a suicide mission in pursuit of a cause that he knows he is not going to be ar

The global obesity threat

In 2010, humanity passed an important milestone. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, obesity became a bigger problem than hunger.

Man with no integrity

Yemen's ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh used to claim boastfully that ruling Yemen is “like dancing on the heads of snakes.” He bragged about being skilled at playing this game and unilaterally ru

We are not warmongers

There is no sane human being in the world who loves war.

Iran burning its own fingers

The Middle East is on the boil all over again. Perhaps for the first time in its eventful history, the region is battling the effects of four major wars all at the same time.

Overseeing a fairer European Union

Companies should pay a fair share of taxes on the money they earn, and governments should not favor certain businesses by giving them advantages not available to others.

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