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The article “Saffronization of India” (Nov. 14) by Aijaz Z. Syed was a good read.

Saffronization of India

Faiz had said this in a different age and for a different country but it still rings as true and contextual to our circumstances as all great poetry is:

United we stand

This is with reference to the report “Terror attack ‘was funded from abroad’” (Nov. 11). The elements behind the dastardly attack are living in a fool’s paradise.

Water wars

This is with reference to the article “The specter of water wars in South Asia” (Nov. 9) by Seema Sengupta.

US-Iran détente

I read with interest the article “Iran nukes: Obama is on a losing wicket” (Nov.11) by Linda Heard. It is useless to comment on the policies of US President Barack Obama.

Wrong perceptions

The report “Suicide bomber kills 48 students in Nigeria” (Nov. 11) was really shocking. These lunatics claim to be representing Islam but their actions are un-Islamic.

Corporate America

This is with reference to the letter “America’s greatness” by Ahmed (Nov. 11). He appears to be deeply in love with the United States.

Pakistan needs electoral reforms

Pakistan has suffered since its inception from a lack of political stability. Democracy has not taken root.

Editorial: Kingdom’s key role in G-20

The G-20 is a powerful organization.

ID cards, jobs for Syrian refugees

The announcement by the Turkish labor minister to grant Syrian refugees something more than tents and blankets was a positive one.

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