Punishing Saleh and the Houthis

In the absence of international forces on the ground or airstrikes on rebel hide-outs, only one weapon could be used to protect and support the legitimacy of the new Yemeni government i.e.

Kids on the firing line

What is wrong with a world that would target schoolchildren? Whether it is the Boko Haram or the IS or the drones that target them, children invariably become more than just collateral targets.

Iran nukes: Obama is on a losing wicket

While an Iranian parliamentarian close to the country’s Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei boasts that Tehran now controls four Arab capitals (Beirut, Baghdad, Damascus and Sanaa), the so-called Leader of the

Media portrayal of IS

I believe two elements are crucial to ridding the world of the horror of the so-called Islamic State.

G-20: A plutocrats’ summit?

At an official dinner in Washington, ahead of November’s G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch lectured ministers on the dangers of socialism and big government.

Ebola and inequality

The Ebola crisis reminds us, once again, of the downside of globalization.

Thorny road ahead for Yemen

Yemen’s new technocratic government was sworn in on Sunday, two days after the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh and two leaders of the Houthi group.

Al-Ahsa attackers will not go unpunished

AL-Ahsa makes up the major part of the Eastern Province and it is the largest oasis in the world.

Public-private alliance is the key to progress

The private sector is the other side of the economic equation in any political or economic system all over the world.

United against deviant ideology

The ideology of hatred is beyond comprehension and as to how it influences the minds and hearts of young people to the point they don’t shy away from killing complete strangers.

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