What international community!

The Middle East is torn by conflicts and terrorism.

Saleh, Houthis in trouble

Less than five months after seizing power, Yemen’s rebels are now in a catastrophic situation.

Important role of mothers in our life

Like many women of the yesteryears, my mother didn’t receive any certificates or degrees and was married at the age of twelve. But she was my first teacher.

Understanding the true meanings of Haj

It is the wish of every Muslim to visit Makkah and Madinah at least once in his lifetime.

Uninterrupted power supply

Saudi Arabia’s giant electricity company is considered one of the largest electricity producers in the world. It has the highest capacity to produce electricity for the Kingdom.

Working for a better future

The concept of the Sho-ura Council as an integral part of our government is something that we cannot afford to lose.

Europe needs refugees

Faced with the obvious bad will of Hungary’s political authorities, thousands of refugees in front of Budapest’s Keleti railway station shout “Germany, Germany.”

When justice prevails

Two recent reports about women’s involvement in the Saudi judicial system indicate that things are likely to change very soon.

Taking advantage of US’ weakness

At a time when the American officials were hoping that Russia would help find a political settlement in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin opted for a different direction.

Iran’s way of pleasing America

A recent report revealing that Iran has released — or more precisely, expelled — senior Al-Qaeda leader Saif Al-Adel along with four other members of the group is very important.

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