Sweden sets the ball rolling on Palestine

On Oct. 3, the newly elected prime minister of Sweden announced that his country plans to recognize the State of Palestine, making it the first West European country to do so.

Abbas’ new strategy

It has been more than two weeks since Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered what became known as his strongest speech from the UN’s General Assembly podium.

White House after midterm polls

Things are not looking good for US Democrats just weeks before the midterm Congressional elections as experts expect Republicans to overtake the Senate and render the president a lame duck.

Is Sarkozy adopting Berlusconian strategy?

Midway through his presidency, François Hollande is on the ropes: He is the most unpopular president of the Fifth Republic, and his brand of pro-business and austerity policies is almost universally r

Media coverage of health issues

There is a potentially deadly disease afoot in America, with no known cure and terrifying consequences for those infected.

Excluding Palestinians from their own story

I recall, with particular awkwardness, my first talk at a socialist student gathering at the University of Washington in Seattle nearly two decades ago.

‘Umbrella Revolution’, maybe brave but futile

Seeing young people standing against authority to defend their rights is, for most of us, heartwarming.

Terror alert across S. Asia

With the imminent US departure from Afghanistan now fast approaching, the Al-Qaeda is rearing its head once again.

Bring them home, please

Candice, 22, suffered terrible burns on her back and legs when her lady employer doused her with boiling water as she was bent over to pick up the lid of a thermos from the floor.

Learning from journey of lifetime

All Muslims are required to perform Haj — the fifth pillar of Islam — once in a lifetime, if he/she is physically fit and have no financial constraints.

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