Library culture: Turning the page

It is good news indeed that Makkah Gov. Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah inaugurated a 17,000 sq.meter library this week on the main campus of King Abdulaziz University.

Hunger knocking on the door

If you want to go on eating regularly in a rapidly warming world, then live in a place that’s either high in latitude or high in altitude. Alternatively, be rich, because the rich never starve.

Celebrations or crowing

I am all for celebrations and stuff but when a captain (Chandimal) gets banned for a game in a World Cup for not finishing his overs in time (ridiculous) and Dilshan is fined for dissent then the obve

Slow and steady Sharif likely to win the race

Ignoring criticism for his apparent inaction or slow response to various pressing issues facing Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif persevered with his plans and his approach is partially paying off

Fight the war against drugs

Drug addiction is probably the most powerful destroyer of societies known to man. It is possible to fight terror because it is not a permanent state of being.

Between the Lines: Obama visit affirms strategic alignment

US President Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia last week highlighted the perennial topic of relations between the two countries, with observers discussing real and imagined disputes and the seemi

A wise royal move

On Feb. 23, 2013, my article titled “Saudi stability and royal succession” was published in Arab News.

ME peace remains elusive

Time is running out for US Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace mediation between Israel and the Palestinians.

10 Things: Into the home stretch

1. Jaswant Singh’s departure from the BJP has hurt Modi’s credibility more than one can imagine especially among the more educated voters who saw him as an ex-army officer and a gentleman.

Changing face of global risk

The world’s economic, financial, and geopolitical risks are shifting. Some risks now have a lower probability — even if they are not fully extinguished.

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