Our ecosystem

This is with reference to the article “No place like home” (Feb. 23) by Guillermo Torres. What type of people we are?

No to terror

This is with reference to the report “King: Zero tolerance for terror” (Feb. 23).

An unshakable alliance

At this critical stage, many elements appear to be uneasy over the cooperation between Egypt and the Gulf states. There are also certain elements that stand by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Setting illogical discourse

Truly, US President Barack Obama’s recent call to address the root causes of violence, including that of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) and Al-Qaeda was a step in the right direction, but still mi

Give peace a chance

The search for truth and justice in the massacre of 44 police officers belonging to the Special Action Forces (SAF) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao should not lead to the abrogation of the peace process in

Not a war on Islam

For some time, pundits have been debating the most accurate phrase that should be used to frame the challenge caused by terrorist groups operating in Syria, Iraq and now in Libya.

Time-tested Saudi-US ties

In Saudi Arabia, we always jokingly say that American diplomats stationed in the Kingdom are so patriotic that they celebrate their country’s Independence Day four times each year — thrice in Saudi Ar

India’s ‘IS’ challenge

HOW serious a threat is the terror group, Islamic State (IS), to India? Security experts are bitterly divided over the extent of IS influence and how to tackle this menace.

Ukraine needs weapons

IT has become something of a mantra among diplomats and other foreign-policy analysts that there is no military solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

100 different shades of ‘shabab’

It is a very common word around here. Upon first hearing it, non-Saudis think they know what it means. Then it comes up in a different context and it needs another round of definition.

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