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Oriental deliciousness at Shogun Lounge

Shogun is the title of the military dictators who ruled Japan almost continuously from 1192 to 1867. The word is a contraction of Seii Tai Shogun, which is Japanese for a barbarian-subdueing generalissimo. It is also an oriental fine dining restaurant in Jeddah. The restaurant features hundreds of Japanese and Chinese dishes.
Located on Sultan Street, the lounge is designed in a contemporary way with hardwood floors and wooden walls with oriental glass artwork. There are two floors: singles are seated on velvet chairs with glass tables on the ground floor, families take red velvet booths on the first floor. The sushi bars on both floors provide bar seating. The restaurant seats 100 diners at once.
We ordered the famous Shogun Kani salad, made with shredded crab, lettuce and caviar, topped with tempura crumbs as a starter. This salad is a must-try; it is fresh and full of flavors.
Then came our sushi order. The Jamada Passion Maki was made with friend shrimp tempura rolled in sticky rice and seaweed and topped with unagi (freshwater eel) and teriyaki sauce. The Dragon Tiger Maki is made with fried shrimp tempura, raw hamour fish and avocado in a sushi roll and topped with a slice of smoked salmon and avocado. The Crunchy Maki consists of shredded crab rolled in sticky rice and seaweed and a layer of fried tempura. Tiger Maki is made with shrimps, lettuce and avocado rolled in sticky rice and seaweed and caviar. All sushi orders are eight pieces with a good size each, which is great for sharing.
I heard so much about the shrimp butter and cheese dish so I had to see what all the fuss was about. The pan-friend shrimp dish with chopped bell peppers and spring onions comes in a thick cheese and butter sauce. Because of the abundant cheese that is normally not used in Japanese or Chinese dishes, this dish was not my favorite. It tasted like it catered to children’s taste buds.
I also ordered Kung Pao beef, which I love. It is made with thin slices of beef, shredded bell pepper, cashew, ginger and chili.
I also highly recommend their Peking duck, which must be ordered one day before visiting the restaurant. It is great for sharing and can feed up to six diners.
The best part of the meal came at the end. We had a surprising dessert of sweet potato with a hint of vanilla. It was drizzled with chocolate syrup and black sesame seeds. The dish is very fluffy and heavy… It is a must-try.
Shogun will serve a new business lunch menu from Saturday to Wednesday, 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. They will also launch a new breakfast menu and a diet menu, which I’m keen to try. Wouldn’t you be?
The restaurant offers outside catering and holds in-house private events and also offers free delivery.
Opening time: from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day.
Expect to pay: SR 250

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